Virtual Chautauqua Year Two Timeline

September, 1999

*Meet with Rocky Mountain Elementary teachers to present VC and get list of interested teachers (Mary, Matt, Beatriz)

* CATV Open House on Sept. 19 (CATV)

* Article for Young Audiences newsletter to Colorado K-12 Schools: 9-17 (Mary, YA)

* Identify teacher(s), artist(s) and students for October remote recording (BCN, YA, Beatriz, Jose, CCA)

* Second mailing to Young Audiences' registry artists (BCN, YA)

* Begin networking YA offices

* Handouts to teachers in Eastern plains at site visits (YA, BCN)

Virtual Chautauqua Program Timeline -- Year 2

October, 1999

* CATV and DCTV streaming arts programming linked to VC site (CATV, DCTV, AC)

* Find 5 artists who are interested in corresponding with teachers (BCN)

* Enclosure for YA artist mailing calling for registry applications: Due October 15 (BCN, YA)

* Press release on VC Performing Arts Center and education outreach (BCN)

* Establish and promote artist training schedule and training schedule for people with disabilities who may or may not be artists. Goal to train at least 80 artists. Focus first on those with web sites. In-kind letter calls for five 3-hour trainings in adaptive technology lab for people with disabilities. (BCN, CCA, VSAC, YA) (How many have been trained through CCA training rooms at conferences?)

* "Access to the Arts": newsletter article on Young Audiences' registry applications due Dec. 1 and about awards given to date -- VSAC

* One-to-one training for teachers (5) and students on VC PAC (CU Research Team)

* RRSR site redesign complete (Ken Fricklas, BCN)

* Media sites to coordinate with artist groups (and a couple teachers) remote recordings. Possibly do recording when Young Audience resident is visiting the school. Stream recording online and also broadcast on CATV and DCTV. (CATV, DCTV, YA, CCA, VSAC)

* Next Aesthetic Institutes (dates?) -- get artist there who is also on VC and perhaps has had some contact with a teacher prior to or after classroom visit ?? Revisit Bridge Builder involvement (YA, Mary, BCN)

November, 1999

* Facilitate relationship between artists and teachers (BCN, CU Research Team)

* One-to-one training for teachers (5) and students on VC PAC (CU Research Team)

* National Association of State Arts Agencies conference, Louisville, KY, November 18-22 (CCA)

* Process established for uploading RRSR arts programming to "lassie" (BCN, Bruce, Thuy)

December, 1999

* Press release on disability awards (BCN)

* Locate additional 20 teachers to work with VC during Spring, 2000 (CU Research Team, BCN)

* 100 digitized artist clips on VC (BCN, AC)

* 15 disabilities awards distributed (VSAC)

* Complete training of at least 30 artists (BCN)

* Develop sustainability plan at quarterly meeting (Mary/Bruce/BCN -- all partners)

January, 2000

* Revisit needs for additional Young Audience mailings (Mary, BCN, YA)

* Develop disability-oriented lesson plan (CU research team, VSAC)

* One-to-one training for teachers (10) and students on VC PAC (CU Research Team)

* "Access to the Arts" (newsletter article) -- VSAC

* CCA newsletter, January 15 (CCA)

February, 2000

* Complete training of 10 people with disabilities (BCN)

* CATV and DCTV to do programs with VC artists... referring to online work and perhaps their work with students?? (CATV, DCTV)

* One-to-one training for teachers (10) and students on VC PAC (CU Research Team)

* Press release (BCN)

March, 2000

* "Access to the Arts" -- newsletter article (VSAC)

* Total of 30 disabilities awards distributed (VSAC)

April, 2000

* Regional Arts Dialogue: April 7-8, Metro Region (CCA)

* Regional Arts Dialogue: April 21-22, Greater Colorado (CCA)

CCA newsletter, April 15 (CCA)

May, 2000

* Complete training of total of 80 artists (BCN)

* Complete training of at least 20 people with disabilities (BCN)

June, 2000

* "Access to the Arts" -- newsletter article (VSAC)

July, 2000

* CCA newsletter, July 15 August, 2000

September, 2000