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by the Volunteer Coordinator

New Volunteer Questionnaire

The Boulder Community Network invites the public to participate in its endeavor to support the citizens and non-profit community in Boulder County and the local region. We do this by providing technical education and technical support.
The BCN membership of volunteers (we are all volunteers) embraces people from all walks of life and experience. We are diverse in many ways, but tend to lean to the technical side of all things computerized.

If you believe that you would like to volunteer in community service, but feel less effective in technical realms, we suggest that you investigate the resources of the Volunteer Connection.

Section 1
Your Personal Information:
First Name  *Required
Last Name  *Required
Street Address:
Zip Code
Home Phone  *Required
E-mail Address  *Required
Work Phone
Referred By
Best time/place to reach you
Please describe when you are available for volunteering. (e.g. Saturdays only, Mondays and Wednesdays at noon and after 5 PM.)
Would your employer give you time off during the week to volunteer?  Yes
Approximately how many hours would you be willing to commit to a volunteer project?
(e.g., 2 hrs./wk., 4 hrs./month. Please be specific - this is key to making successful volunteer matches.)
What types of nonprofits would you especially like to work with?
(e.g., environmental, social service, arts)
Other professional, civic organizations you belong to:
Would you be willing to help BCN locate volunteers by networking, posting a notice at work, or sending email to friends?  Yes

Technical Experience:
 Section 2
 Technical Skills:
Operating System
User Moderate Expert (able to do setup, system diagnostics)
Windows 98se
Mac OS pre-X
Mac OS X
Are you willing to train others on operating systems you are familiar with?

 Section 3
 Network System Skills:
Network System Moderate Expert
Windows NT/2000
Are you willing to train others on network systems you are familiar with?

 Section 4
 Database Skills:
Database Moderate Expert
MS Access
Front-end tools (Powerbuilder, etc.)
Are you willing to train others on using database systems you are familiar with?

 Section 5
 Graphics Applications:
Moderate Expert
No. 1

No. 2
Are you willing to train others on graphics applications you are familiar with?

 Section 6
 Hardware Repair/Setup:
Platform Moderate Expert
Server setup

 Section 7
Tool Moderate Expert
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Thunderbird
Front Page
Hot Metal Pro
Graphics packages for the web
Are you willing to train others on web-related applications you are familiar with?

 Section 8
Mentors are frequently needed to train people in their areas of expertise. Please check any of the following that apply to your background:
Tutoring Train groups Develop classes and training material Develop technical manuals
 Section 9
Please give any additional information about your experience with training and documentation. Please list specific document authoring software packages you are familiar with (e.g., Word, WordPerfect, FrameMaker)
 Additional Skills:
 Please check or identify any additional skills you have:
  1. Needs assessment/systems analysis
  2. Office/accounting application experience (e.g., bookkeeping, spreadsheet software)
  3. Marketing/presentation/multimedia application experience

Last Update: , by the Volunteer Coordinator
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