HTML Development and Checklist Viewing

Last Update: 7/31/98

 1. develop/revise an html file (filename.htm)via a word processor and save but Do NOT
    Close the word processor or the file,

2. on the Windows Apps. screen, click on the "browser icon" to activate the browser window, but Do Not Logon,

3. on the browser's menu bar, click on "File" and then, click on "Open File", to show the "Open File" window box,

4. in the "Look-in slot", select the drive where your desired file is located (in order to see the "f/n, f/t" desired to be selected),

5. Highlight the desired file, and its name will appear in the "File Name" "slot",

6. "click" on the "Open" button and,

7. the rendered version of the file will appear in the browser window,

8. examine it to see which revisions to the file are needed,

9. go to the Task Bar and "cllick" the file's icon, to place the editable ("source vers- ion of the file) in the desktop"s window,

10. make the desired changes,

11. "click" on the "File" menu and,

12. "click" on "Save", to save your changes, but Do Not Close the window,

13. on the Task Bar, click on the browser Icon, again, to show the rendered version,

14. be sure to click on the browser's "Reload" button or on the "View" menu's "Refresh" button, to have the newly (latest) revised version appear,

15. examine the file contents to check for accuracy/correctness,

16. continue steps 6 thru 15 above, until you are satisified,

17. when satisfied, close all applications and files,

18. then, upload the file(s) to your "remote server" for publication on the Internet.

H. Harbison 7/31/98