ANSI - (American National Standards Institute) an organization that sets many standards for the computer industry.

ASCII - (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) the mapping of ordinary letters and numbers to standard numerical representations.

background - the background of a web page. This can be a color or tiled (repeating) image.

CGI - (Common Gateway Interface) a database handler which uses Perl coding to keep track of, store, and transfer data relating to submit forms. It also can be used to generate webpages according to different conditions, such as a random background color.

counter - a CGI based program which counts how many times a web page has been visited. The CGI program generates a picture with numbers on it corresponding to how many hits it has received.

browser - A program used to view HTML documents on the Web. The two most popular web browsers are Netscape and Ie.

easter egg - a hidden program or feature in a webpage.

HTML - (Hyper Text Markup Language) the programming language used to make web pages. After learning just a handful of tags, you can create your own web page.

Java - a programming language used to make executable applets which you can put in your web page. Java can be used to make just about anything you want to put implement into your web page.

JavaScript - a scripting language implemented into an HTML document used to perform complicated tasks such as fading a background color from one end of the spectrum to the other, or scrolling text in the status bar of the browser.

network - a group of computers (nodes) joined by data-carrying links. A network may be as small as two or three personal computers tied together by telephone lines in the same building or it may be a vast complex of computers spread across the world, whose data links include telephone lines, satellite relays, fiber optic cables or radio links.

node - any single computer connected to a network.

Perl - a programming language which is mainly used with CGI to perform a variety of tasks.

rendering - the formatting and presenting of information to human readers.

special character - a standardized character that can be used in a web page. example: < is &lt. A complete list of special characters can be found here

tag - a label, used in making a web page, which determines how a browser will view information. There are two types of tags: start tags and end tag.

URL - (Universal Resource Locator) the location or address of a server and its websites. A URL is what is typed into the address text bar of your browser.

WWW - (World Wide Web) The main part of the internet of which is made up of all of the server computers and their websites.

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