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Public Orientation Instructor Training

A few questions that you are likely to run into at public orientations:

  • What is the Internet?

  • What is the relationship between the Web and the Internet? E-mail?

  • Gopher? FTP?

  • What is Community Networking about?

  • What is BCN about?
  • Where are the public access sites?
  • How is BCN run?
  • Where does the money come from?
  • What are the plans for sustainability?
  • Who are the target populations?
  • Where and when are the new public access sites going in?
  • How is BCN different from a FreeNet? What is a FreeNet?

  • Does BCN offer Internet access?

  • Does BCN offer newsgroups? What communications tools will be available to me if I rely on public access sites for my Internet access?

  • Does BCN offer e-mail?

  • How do I get an e-mail account? Is this the same at Internet access?

  • What are all these different services that Internet providers talk about providing?
  • What are the basics that I need from them?
  • What are the basics that I need to have in my home to be ready for Internet access? If I get a fast modem, will I get the information faster?

  • Who can put information on BCN? How would one go about doing that?

  • What is Netscape? What am I looking at when I see Netscape on my screen? What
  • is hypertext/hyperlinks?

  • Will the information that I see on all public access site terminals always look like what I see here today?

  • I have a Mac/PC at home. Will the web be different for me?

  • How do I volunteer with BCN?