Instructor Training Questions

Credits: Some of these questions were taken from an article entitled "Frenquently Asked
Questions about Home Pages" by Susan Parker in the July/August 1995 issue of
the Digit publication

Last Update; 7/31/98

Q1  What is BCN?  
A1 BCN (Boulder Community Network) is a comprehensive electronic web of information and computerized communications services which apply information technology to the bene- fit of all Boulder County citizens. It provides "on-line" access to local, regional, and national information for the general populace, in order to promote civic participation, educational excellence, economic vitality, and community involve- ment.

The BCN is a cooperative effort involving Boulder educational, civic, and corpor- ate entities, along with individual volunteers. At the core, it provides information on topics ranging from weather and ski conditions to city and county regulations and meetings, lifelong learning opportunities, district school and university informa- tion, calendar of events, health services, medical information, and other repositor- ies. In addition, information resources on the Internet are available to the communi ty users.

It, also, consists of public access points (computer "kiosks"), ensuring that all members of the community have the ability to obtain information, freely. It furnish- es dial-up modem access to a central server of the information, for non-profit organizations.

Q2 How can I make my own home page?
A2 On any browser whichallows for a web page design; Alternate A - send an html file via a file transfer or via a "floppy" to your service provider's system administrator, and have him/her load it for you, or load it for you, or

Alternate B - attach your html file (editor created) to an E-Mail message and send to your service provider's system administrator, so it cn be loaded onto the server.

Q3 How can I look at another person's/org's home page?

A3 In the URL Box (on your browser); (example) Home Page for user "joesmith" on BCN is;

(type, usually, http://(the name of the server computer, a directory path and filename.ext)
Q4 Where can I get help?
A4 take classes, which are, periodically, offered or right now, best sources of help are on-line. For general information on WWW, go to Internet/WWW/WebIntro.html/ Q5 How do I insert an image/photo into my home page?
A5 Photos/images need to be either jpeg or jif format. To insert, upload it to you account directory (service provider). You need to make certain it is executable by typing chmod755 picture.gif. Then, in your Home.html file, type;
"(IMG SRC = "photoname.gif">" Q6 How do I change my home page so it's cool?
A6 Here are some good sites which have information on writing HTML;

A Beginner's Guide to HTML-- HTMLPrimer.html
How does the Web Work?--
How to Write HTML Files--
Composing Good HTML--
WWW and HTML--

Elements of HTML Style--

Q7 I saw something interesting on someone else's home page. How can I learn to do the same thing?
A7 You can view the source for any home page by going to the browser's "View" menu and by selecting "Source" (in Netscape) or by typing "/" in Lynx ( a "text-only" browser). Viewing the "source" will allow you to see, exactly, which commands, the person used. You can save, printout this "source" version and emulate these same commands (or modify them) to suit the effects you want to achieve, on your own Web page.

Q8 I don't have a multimedia (no graphics, etc. capability) computer. How can I view my web page, after I have developed it?
A8 by using a "text only" browser; Lynx is, by far, the best. Your service provider should be able to support Lynx as a "text only" browser, and should be able to furnish information as how to use it. Q9 I understand that, by using a graphical browser (like Netscape, etc.), a user, while developing a web page source file, using an editor to create an ASCII file, can, at anytime, display the "rendered" version, on the desktop screen. How can I do this (jump back and forth with "signing off" the browser and reconnecting the server, each time?
A9 HTML Development and Checkout Viewing H. Harbison 7/31/98