PC Hardware and Terminology
Initial Segment
Wednesday, January 30th, 2002
Repeated on Wednesday, February 6th, 2002
Ute Creek Secondary Academy

Overall Course Objective:
  • To make users familiar with the components of computer systems.
  • Have a competent level of understand of the interrelations of the components that make up a modern computer.
  • Be conversant in the correct terms of the technology at hand.
  Students should be able to correctly identify all parts and names of computer systems, understand how they fit together, and carry on an intermediate level of technical conversation about a computer system over the telephone.
  • No leather shoes.
      (leather uppers on athletic shoes is okay)
Module One Outline:
    Safety First:
  • < 5 minute presentation followed by discussion.
    • DC vs. AC
    • Static Safety
    • Safe components handling and personal safety

    Computer Components:
  • 15 minutes of hands-on and discussion.
    • Motherboard
    • Battery
    • ROM BIOS & CMOS memory
    • Microprocessor chips
    • Video
    • IO boards
    • Network and Modems cards
    • Storage devices

    Basic Buzz Words:
  • 10 minutes of lecture on how it works and the names of processes.
    • Interrupt flags
    • Direct Memory Access channels
    • Input / Output ports
    • Hexadecimal commands and addressing of data
    • Bus communications

    Lab Possibilities:
  • "Telephone" conversation with technical support.
  • Basic troubleshooting.