Computer Security &
Network Resource Sharing
Wednesday, February 13th, 2002
Ute Creek Secondary Academy

Overall Course Objective:

  • To make users familiar with the necessity of network security.
  • To make users familiar with the object of network resource sharing.
  • To have students have a basic understanding of the Ute Creek Domain Model.
  • Be conversant in the correct terms of the technology at hand.
  Students should be able to correctly log into the network and utilize resource mappings; also to have a minimal level of ability in troubleshooting connectivity issues.


  Have a legal network computer account on the Ute Creek Network.

Module Two Outline:

    Correct Domain Login and Logout
  1. Recognition of the different login methods and dialog boxes.
  2. The formation of you login name.
  3. Your password and how to keep it secret.
  4. The importance of logging out.

    Network Resources
  1. Directory Mapping
      Your home directory
    • What you keep in it.
    • How it is protected.
    • How it is mapped on your system.
    • Where have my files gone!?
    • Who has access to your home directory?

      Giving others access to your files
    • How to share directories on your computer.
    • How to give permission to others to access files on your computer.
    • How to see who is accessing shared files on your computer.

  2. Common Directories on Servers
      Public Places to Exchange Files
    • Where to put files for other teachers and staff.
    • Where to put files for students.
    • How to protect files from being changed or deleted.
    • Where to find updates for programs and files on your system.
        Application Program Updates
      • McAfee Anti-Virus Updates
      • Printer Drivers
      • Microsoft Office Updates
      • Windows Security Updates
      • Login, Start-up, and Other Updates

  3. Networked Printers and Printer Sharing
      Connecting to a networked printer
    • How to find a networked printer.
    • Making sure you have access.
    • What to do when the print job runs amok?
    • What the system administrator can do when your print job runs amok?

      Sharing your printer
    • How to let others use your printer.
    • Setting the permissions for your printer.
    • What to do when the print job runs amok?
    • What others can do when their print job runs amok on your printer?


Lab Time:

  Students should spend some time working through issues that they've had in the past with printer and directory mappings.
They may also want to try out updating the McAfee Anti-Virus application program, or downloading new printer drivers.