Programming in VB

Overall Course Objective:


Module Objective ECT Terminology Explanation Summary Exercises Test
One Introduction to VB 15 minutes BASIC, GUI builder, RAD (Rapid Application Development) Put the terms in context Explanation in a nutshell    
Two The VB Environment 15 minutes Projects, Files, Classes, Forms, Code Modules Put the terms in context Explanation in a nutshell   Create and open and a VB project. Add differnt types of files to the project
Three Simple Program to find the max of three numbers 30 minutes Forms, text boxes, command buttons, lables, events, code window, conditions   The student should be able to write and run the program. Try out the program with different numbers Pick 2 other algorithms and try to implement them. Describe how to write a program to find the maximum of 10 numbers
Four Try to use form objects and build UI applications 30 minutes Advanced UI components like radio buttons, combo boxes, drop downs like a calculator The student should be able to build a simple calculater to do addition in the class. Extend the calculator built in the class to support division, multiplication and substraction.  
Five Wrap up 30 minutes   Discuss the next steps to learning VB. How to learn from books, sample programs, web sites etc.
Discuss interest in programming, different languages, which ones the students would like to learn etc.