Communicating Online
(Email, News Groups and Instant Messaging)

First Draft: 5/1/01
File: email_module.htm
Authors: Eric Kallgren, Paul Tiger

Overall Course Objective:




Module Objective ECT Terminology Explanation Summary Exercises Test
One Introduction: The different ways to communicate online 15 minutes (mainly student discussion) Email, news groups, instant messaging, client, server There are many ways to contact other people using the net. Can you name any of them? What do they do? What do they have in common? How are they different? 1. Email, news groups and instant messaging allow us to communicate with other people online.
2. We install programs on our computer to communicate using these services.
Two Email: What it is, how to use it 30 minutes Email software, ISP, email address, login ID, password, email messages, virus, spam Email offers personal (one to one) communication with other people. First we need to set up an email account and get our software running. Then we can send and receive email messages using our email account. Be careful with messages from people you don't know and look out for viruses. 1. Once we have an ISP account, email address and email software, we can exchange personal messages with anyone on the net.
2. Almost all email messages are delivered to the recipient within 5 minutes!
Open the email program, check settings, write a message Send each other an email message, use an email responder
Three Instant Messaging: What it is, how to use it 15 minutes IM software, handle, service providers How can we reach someone else on the net instantly? IM is similar to email in some ways, but it's faster and simpler. 1. With instant messaging we can instantly reach other users who are online at the same time.
2. Instant messaging is more like a conversation than email.
Open the IM software, review controls Exchange instant messages with each other
Four News Groups: What they are, how and why to use them 15 minutes News group reader, email address, news group classes, subscribing and unsubscribing News groups are meeting places and open forums for discussion of all kinds of topics. There are over 15,000 news groups on the net, in "N" general categories. When you send a message to a news group you may be communicating with thousands of people. 1. News groups are 'one to many' communication on all kinds of topics.
2. News groups are public forums that anyone can use.
3. While news groups are a powerful tool, be skeptical of claims made by people you don't know, including their identity.
Open the news group reader, review options and controls, discuss categories. Access a selected news group (news.Boulder?) and find a particular message.
Five Wrap-up and Next Steps 15 minutes (mainly student discussion)   Review the different ways to communicate online and what each one is designed to do best. Discuss how students can use these tools and make plans to use them. 1. Why communicate using the net?
2. Who do you want to get in touch with?
3. How do you plan to use these services?
Make a list of things to do.