Module 10: Downloading and Installing Programs

Objectives: Upon completion of this module, the student will

  1. understand the terms of agreement related to the use of software programs
  2. be able to download and install programs from the internet
  3. be able to install programs from disks and CD-Rom
  4. be able to start-up and use an installed program
  5. create, add, delete and change icons related to installed programs.

Lesson Plans:

    Objective 1 (10 minutes)

  1. Discuss with the students the following sources of software:
  2.   Discuss a sample agreement from a downloaded software package (specifically, Juno)

    Objective 2 (15 minutes)

  1. Have the students go to the URL and download a screen saver. Have the students download the file to /windows/system. Stress to the students the importance of noting the file name and path of downloaded files
  2. After the students have downloaded the screen saver but prior to unzipping and installing the program, have them use (Start, Settings, Control Panel, Display, Screen Saver tab) to note the name of the screen savers available.
  3. Using Explore, have the students locate the downloaded screen saver file and install the program.
  4. Have the students repeat Step 2 and select the new screen saver.
  5. Review with the students the process that has just occurred.

    Objective 3 (20 minutes)

  1. Have the students go to
  2. Provide the students with a CD-ROM with the Juno software which has been preloaded. Discuss with the students that this is the same software they started to download. Also, discuss with the students that the CD-ROM is what they would typically receive with purchased software.
  3. Have the students install the Juno software

Objective 4

  1. As the students install the software, discuss with them, as the questions appear during the installation process, the following:
  2. Make sure the students complete the startup and are actually connected to Juno
  3. Have the students sign-off and re-connect to Juno. Discuss the difference in signing on to e-mail and the web.