BCN Volunteers

The Internet:Introduction to Surfing:

  1. >Module: After completing ntroduction to Surfing, you will be able to view information via the Web
  2. >Objective: master the following windows and web browser concepts and selected functions:
  3. >Estimated Completion Time 30 minutes
  4. >Terminology:
  5. >Explanation
  6. >Summary: Using the BCN site explain the key concepts and functions.
  7. >Exercises:
    1. >Preparation before starting the class
      1. > Bring up the browser
      2. >ensure browser icon is on desktop
      3. > Go to bcn (
      4. > Make it the home page (edit
      5. preferences
      6. navigator check on startup go to home page, and click on use current page)
      7. >In all these exercises, have student manipulate keyboard and mouse, direct student. Have pointer ready to show parts of screen.
      8. >Print out a copy of this page for you to use as a reference
    2. >Browser and Windows
      1. >Have student click on a center link and then one of its links.
      2. >Describe the process of "going to the page" as asking for a page from a computer on the net
      3. >Once you have three pages show forward is dimmed, use back and show forward is lit up.
      4. >Explain forward and back, show how location changes.
      5. >Position cursor over link and point out status bar
      6. >Show how status bar contents becomes location bar contents when a link is clicked.
      7. >Go to http:
    4. emergency
    5. (from home page) and show how reload updates visitor count.
    6. >use right click on a link to create new window.
    7. >Use the new window to demonstrate window manipulation
      • > resize diagonal, width, height
      • > diminish
      • > taskbar restore
      • > maximize
      • > restore
      • > scroll vertical horizontal
    8. >when finished close new window
  8. > How to view a known URL
    1. > go back to page that has links on it
    2. > put the cursor on a link and talk about status bar contents
    3. > focus on parts of url
    4. > explain http
    5. > explain domain part of url
    6. > explain file part of url
    7. > have student type in url from link
      1. > make sure student can position within location box
      2. > select current contents
      3. > type url
      4. > emphasize syntax of : and