Introduction to Programming

Overall Course Objective:



Module Objective ECT Terminology Explanation Summary Exercises Test
One Career Introduction 15 minutes (mainly student discussions) Programmer, Intern Possible job options discuss summer jobs – how to make more money than by flipping burgers a. Look for jobs and internships on the web. See what jobs are interesting and how much you can make doing those.
b. Compare these jobs to other options available
Two Introduction to programming logic 30 minutes Logic, algorithms   Use finding the maximum of 3 numbers as an example and illustrate the terms
Write a simple VB program on the board to show how you can write a program
Describe logic for finding the average (or any other familiar task) Come up with an algorithm for finding the maximum of “n” numbers. “Play around” in VB, explore the program. Try to write a simple program.
Three Describe programming languages (levels, paradigms – structured, functional, object oriented). 15 minutes Languages, packages, applications, software, structured programming, object oriented programming. Discuss this with examples like Databases, C++, Java Put the terms in context Explanation in a nutshell Give examples like C, C++, word excel and try to classify them. NA
Four Career discussion 30 minutes Jobs, salaries, job requirements, college        
Five Next steps 30 minutes   Discuss the next steps for getting internships.
Discuss college etc.