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Last Update: May 12, 2000.

Y2K Site Files

All files in the y2k site -

y2kb4dos.htm     2523   4DOS Command Line Tools for Windows, OS/2, DOS
y2kbsucc.htm     3969   And last, but not least, We Survived!
y2kbappl.htm     2449   Apple Computer Operating Systems
y2kbbios.htm    11857   BIOS and Real-time Clock Management
y2kbbchp.htm     4498   Boulder County Hospital
y2kbdate.htm    16265   Brief History of Our Calendar
y2kbcpms.htm     4557   CP/M Operating Systems
y2kbcomm.htm    19788   Community Preparedness and the Y2K Problem
y2kbcmpm.htm     9111   CompuMentor Program Description
y2kbhoax.htm    15517   Computer Hoaxes, Spam and Viruses
y2kbtrig.htm    12788   Critical or Trigger Dates
y2kbdoss.htm     2893   Dos Operating System
y2kbgard.htm     6895   Food Alert, An Editorial
y2kbflst.htm    13653   Food List for Personal Preparedness
y2kbglob.htm     4859   Global Postioning System
y2kbhndx.htm    15256   Home Page Directory
y2kbhctl.htm      947   Home Page Frames Control
y2kbhome.htm     8521   Home Page, Frames Mode
y2kbtrdy.htm     4057   How To Be Ready
y2kbhuml.htm     5181   Humor, 'Twas The Night Before Y2K
y2kbhumc.htm     2850   Humor, 1-800-SUE-4Y2K.
y2kbhumd.htm     5757   Humor, A Year 2000 (Y2K) Parable.
y2kbhumb.htm     3992   Humor, Honesty is the Best Policy.
y2kbhume.htm     2484   Humor, The Negotiation.
y2kbhumg.htm     2777   Humor, The Secretary's Good Deed
y2kbhumm.htm     3593   Humor, The Secretary's Good Deed - 
y2kbhumf.htm     3012   Humor, The Valued Employee.
y2kbhumk.htm     4956   Humor, The Y One K Crisis.
y2kbhuma.htm     4292   Humor, The Y Zero K Problem.
y2kbhumh.htm     6056   Humor, The Y2K Speak Freely Foundation
y2kbhums.htm     3279   Humor, We Survived!
y2kbhumr.htm     3621   Humor, Y2K Humor for the Occasion
y2kbhumj.htm     2766   Humor, Y2K in the Bathroom
y2kbhumn.htm     2846   Humor, Y2K in the Bathroom - Corrective Actions
y2kbdomn.htm    16347   Internet Domains
y2kbintt.htm    10763   Introduction to the Technical Side of the Y2K Problem
y2kbintr.htm     7724   Introduction to the Y2K Problem
y2kbjava.htm     2501   Java Language and Operating System
y2kbcalc.htm    12225   Julian and Gregorian Day Numbers
y2kblegl.htm     9248   Legal Concerns about the Y2K Problem
y2kblinx.htm     4349   Linux Operating System
y2kbmacs.htm     3909   Macintosh Operating Systems
y2kbmidx.htm    11032   Meetings Index
y2kbmreg.htm     4303   Meetings Registration Form
y2kbwarp.htm     2532   OS/2 Warp Operating System
y2kbpers.htm    20750   Personal Preparedness and the Y2K Problem
y2kbintn.htm    27978   Preparation Considerations for Non-Profit Groups
y2kbsign.htm     4345   Reader Response Form
y2kbmeet.htm     2590   Regional Community Meetings about Y2K Concerns
y2kbstat.htm     6710   Site Visitation Statstics
y2kbutop.htm    10034   The Y2K Utopians
y2kbfile.htm     5717   This file
y2kbscam.htm    19826   Travel Advisories, Scams, and Protecting Yourself
y2kbunix.htm     3812   Unix Operating System
y2kbmods.htm    10521   What is new, changed, or updated
y2kbwin3.htm     5064   Windows 3.xx Operating Systems
y2kbwin5.htm    12454   Windows 95 Operating Systems
y2kbwin8.htm    10375   Windows 98 Operating Systems
y2kbwint.htm     3747   Windows NT Operating Systems
y2kblink.htm    38320   World Wide Web Links to Y2K Activities
y2kbtige.htm     6621   Y2K, A Commentary,By Paul Tiger
y2kbindx.htm     8667   Y2k Home Page

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