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Last Update: February 20, 1999.

Honesty is the Best Policy

St Peter was at the Pearly gates processing some new arrivals after the Year 2000 meltdown. "So why should I let you in?" St Peter asked the first man.

"I was the CEO of a large company. My efforts in raising Year 2000 awareness, fighting for budget approval and becoming personally involved in our compliance project almost saved the company from certain collapse. My dedication to the cause is documented in the many reports that...." "Ok, ok that's enough, You can go in." St Peter said.

A second man approached. "And why should you enter the Pearly gates?" "I was a Year 2000 consultant. I dedicated the last year of my life working long hours to solve computer problems. My only motivation was a desire to see us through these difficult times, to stamp out this diabolical problem and to make sure we all...."

"That will do!" St Peter called, "Make you way through the gate please." "Now why should I let you in?" St Peter said to the next person.

"I am a lawyer. I hovered over the scrapes of society that were left after year 2000 and then swooped down like a bloodsucking vulture to pick the bones of any defenseless survivors that managed to survive the apocalypse. My only desire was to accumulate as much cash as possible."

"Hmmm", Peter thought about this for a while, "Ok you can go in." An angel watching all this from above flew over to St Peter. "Hey what did you let him in for?" he asked.

St Peter looked up. "We need to let a few of the honest ones get through too you know."

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