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Last Update: January 17, 2000.

We survived!

We survived! Now comes the fun part -

Y2K Survivalist's To-Do List
  • Find grocery store receipt for 10,000 packets of ramen noodles.
  • Apologize to neighbors about the tripwire incident; offer to replace dog.
  • Take up pork & beans skeet shooting.
  • Gather recipes for Spam, dehydrated potatoes, and crow.
  • Cancel subscription to Stockpilers Quarterly, but keep the free can opener.
  • Convert weapons back to semi-auto.
  • Pitch "1000 Ideas for Wheat Gluten" to Martha Stewart's people.
  • Return 753 videos to Blockbuster.
  • Water yard, one lousy gallon at a time.
  • Prepare for the dreaded but little-known "Arbor Day Bug."
  • Learn how to disarm a Claymore mine.
  • Find the jerk who sold me all that dehydrated water.
  • Convert my anti-Y2K-Bug tin-foil hat back into an anti-Katie-Couric-Mind-Control tin-foil hat.
  • Make friends with the 6 billion other Y2K survivors.

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