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Youth Center
A categorized listing of various Boulder County Youth websites.
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Resources for Children

  • Yahooligans Yahoo! for kids. Contains links to thousands of sites for kids on the web.
  • Kids Domain Includes information on all sorts of fun games for kids, and also contains information for parents.
  • the SuperSite for Kids
    Has great games and activities for children, and runs in a unique child-safe browser.
  • BillyBear4Kids A kids site all about Billy Bear and his animal friends.
  • KidsCom An online community for youths ages 4 to 15 including polls, games, and ways to meet cyber-pals.
  • SurfMonkey's Kids Channel A place for kids to hang out on the web, with games, polls, chats, and more.
  • Encourages kids to learn about the world by providing online and newspaper resources.
  • Has great games and contests for children.
  • World Kids Network An interactive online community linking kids across the world. A great place to make friends, explore, and even study.
  • Surfing the Net with Kids Contains information for parents on great kids' sites and ways to protect your child on the Internet.
  • Colorado Virtual Library for Kids A local project which references and reviews over 3600 sites for kids on the web. A great place to go for all sorts of fun and educational childrens' sites online.

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Resources for Teens

  • YWCA EDGE Program The EDGE program is an empowerment program for girls aged 9-18 with a computer program, newspaper program, and video project.
  • Adolesence Directory Online Confronts serious issues affecting teens, including violence, mental health, drugs, and sexuality.
  • Channel One The nationally known in-school news service for teens is also big online - with information on all sorts of news topics important to teens.
  • Teen Consumer Scrapbook Encourages teenagers to develop smart spending habits and avoid wasting their money or being ripped off.
  • CyberteensA cyber community for teens with activties, games, and creative projects by young people.

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Learning Resources

  • Terrific Web Sites... Just for Middle School Kids A listing of numerous links to educational pages for middle schoolers on art, science, English, and other subjects.
  • Yahoo! > Education > K_12 Yahoo!'s comprehensive listing of all k-12 related websites.
  • The Kids on the Web Contains links to various educational online resouces.
  • Tired of paying $5 for Cliffnotes? has compiled an extremely useful collection of summaries and background information on the most common books high schoolers read.
  • From Archimedes to Newton Details the history of calculus from the Greeks to the present, and also answers the age-old question of what the usefulness of calculus is.
  • Bad Science Did you know there is no such thing as the "scientific method?" This site dispels many scientific myths taught in schools.
  • Physics 2000 An excellent site detailing complex modern physics topics put together by students at the University of Colorado
  • Cells Alive Every biology teacher's (and student's) dream come true. Contains detailed models and images of cells.
  • History for Kids A site put together for middle school students with comprehensive information on the Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Islamic Empire, and Middle Ages.

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