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About Bob Echelmeier

Last Modification: Friday, June 04, 1999
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Bob Echelmeier is a retiree from the IBM Corporation. After 36 years with the company, he decided that the time was right to move on. The retirement incentive offered to any person opting for early retirement was a good motivator.

Bob worked most of those years in Product Engineering and Development. When the company moved the Lab. to Tucson, he decided to stay here in Boulder to keep his family who live at home (wife Carmen, daughter Carol, and son Sean) close to the rest of the family (five grown children & ten grandchildren). He was assigned to Manufacturing Engineering .

When the company decided that Boulder would no longer have an engineering function, Bob was sent to school to learn programming.

After his school days were complete, Bob was assigned to a VM support group that had responsibility for technical assistance to the people on the User Help Desk. This included help with GML (Generalized Mark-up Language), a forerunner of the SGML (and HTML) that we use today.

Having a continued interest in computers and on-line facilities, Bob has volunteered to use his background knowledge to assist with the development and spread of the BCN (Boulder Community Network) throughout the entire community.

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Created: Saturday, September 30, 1995, 13:18