Unitarian Universalist Church of  Boulder
Congregation Meeting Part 11
June 6, 2004

The meeting was called to order by Dan Anderson, Moderator.  A quorum was confirmed by Holly Lewis, Clerk of the Congregation, with 53 members present.

The minutes of the Jan. 11, 2004 minutes were approved as  submitted.

Election of Officers
The following slate of officers for 2004-2005 was presented by Jon Bond:
President, Board of Trustees:  Reed Bailey
Board of Trustees, 3 yr term:  Beverly Carter
Board of Trustees, 3 yr term:  Debbie Davies
Board of Trustees, 3 yr term:  William Weyengerg
Board of Trustees, 1 yr term:  Ray Knudson
Clerk of the Congregation:  Jonathan Williamson
Nominating Committee:  Kathryn Alexander
Nominating Committee:  Pam Geer
Nominating Committee:  LizEllen Sawhill

Jon Bond moved that the slate be accepted.  Seconded by Jude Stirts.  Passed unanimously.
Jude Stirts recognized outgoing Board of Trustees President Barb Richards, who has served the last 2 years.

Finance Council Report
Presented by Reed Bailey.  Please see proposed budget, attached.
Several errors in the budget were pointed out:
1) The UUA dues assessment for 2004-2005 is $50 per member, not $48
2) Membership number used to calculate  our UUA/MDD fair share is wrong,  and should be 232, the number submitted in January, 2004, to the UUA.  This number can be appealed if it is in error.
3) In section 1.6, the numbers in the lefthand column are correct, and the numbers in the righthand column are not.  The righthand column numbers should be the same as the left.

A very lengthy discussion ensued regarding the budget.  Items of particular concern included the possibility of decreasing the office manager's hours per week and/or the hourly rate, or of eliminating the position altogether.  Much concern was raised over the impact this would have on church functioning as well as the potential loss of rental income.  Other proposed cuts include elimination of the RE assistant and sexton, and decreases for the minister and RE director.  The newsletter editor has agreed to not being paid.  The matching grant proposal submitted to the UUA  for a Volunteer/New Member Coordinator was turned down.

A potential new source of income was presented by Reed Bailey.  It is the possibility of having a  T-Mobile cell phone antenna installed on church property.  This could provide $700/month in rental income.  See attached information.

One final issue not on the budget was also raised by Reed.  The Church has recently become aware that it is "out of compliance" with the UUA requirements that we pay into a retirement fund for salaried employees working 20 hours per week or more.  This obligation is in addition to the employee's salary.  The current obligation is approximately $20,000, and must be taken care of by the end of June.  The UUA is not permitted to advise congregations of this obligation because it is "voluntary," and the whole issue has caused much confusion and hard feelings. The UUA may freeze our current retirement funds for the minister and not allow additional money to be added until the obligation  to the RE Director and office manager is met.  As yet, it is unclear how this obligation will be met.  Options raised included refinancing the existing mortgage and taking out a second mortgage.

Leonard Lewin moved that the budget be approved.  Seconded by Ray Knudson.
Alan Davis moved that the motion to approve the budget be tabled.  Seconded by Paula Gardner.  After a lengthy discussion, the motion to table was withdrawn.
Lee Redfield proposed an amendment to the motion to accept the budget:  If the budget is accepted, it will be on a contingency basis to be revisited at a special congregational meeting 7/18/04.  In the interim, any financial matters will be overseen by the Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee.  Seconded by Daphne Lewin.
Rob Fetter offered a friendly amendment to Lee's proposal:  The Board of Trustees will be authorized to continue funding the office manager and the sexton until the special congregational meeting occurs and a new budget can be approved.
Ray Knudson called the question.   Motion  passed.
The proposed amendment was then voted on and passed with 2 opposed, 1 abstension.
Dan Anderson called the question to vote on approval of the budget with the noted amendments.  Motion passed with 25 for, 10 opposed, 4 abstained.

New Business
T-Mobile Cell Tower Rental:  Robert Bushnell moved that we authorize the executive committee of the Board of Trustees to proceed with negotiations with T-Mobile.  Seconded by Peter Holt.  Motion passed with none opposed, 2 abstentions.

Retirement Fund:  Reed Bailey moved that the executive committee of the newly elected Board of Trustees  act to address this issue.  Seconded by Tessa Davis.
Ray Knudson offered an amendment to the motion:  That the executive committee act in concert with the entire Board of Trustees.  Motion as amended passed with one opposed, one abstention.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Holly Lewis, Clerk of the Congregation