Re: Greetings long lost cyber buds

David Luberoff (
Fri, 13 Oct 1995 15:17:05 EST

you i keep in touch with vicariously through your mom and my
mom. amazingly of all the phone numbers i've known all these
years, i still remember yours. what was even more fun was when
i came down for the surprise 70th bash for my mom we (my sister
and i) needed to drop some stuff off at your parents house which
i was able to find without a mistake. i also showed my sister
the sewer in front of the house we used to climb down. you
know, old friend, we did some dangerous and particularly stupid
stuff as kids (lighting gasoline on fire in your garage ... and
that mouse ... oh that mouse ... i still feel guilty about that
mouse. anyway, if you didn't read it (a bunch of them came back
because i didn't address them right) i sent a long note to
several people that neal m. contacted catching up with life ...
he's posted it, bad spelling and all, on the new shs home page.