virtual reunion mailing list

Neal McBurnett (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 20:44:13 -0700

So far, these people are signed up for the ''
mailing list:

Frank Clancy <>
Dan Garlen <>
David Luberoff <>
Neal McBurnett <>
Tina Seelig <>
Becky Sinden <>
David Stern <>
James Sturm <sturm@Princeton.EDU>

I haven't heard from these people yet, but I included them again on
the copy-to list for this message (let me know if you want to be

Tobie Stanger <>
Scott Johnson <>
Alan Kaiser <>
Walter Zengerle <>
Ted Senator <>

Does anyone know any other mail addresses for classmates?

Dave, you mentioned Maggie Whelan - do you have any idea where she is
now? She shows up on the list they just sent out from reunion hq: "Do
you know where these children are?" Can you check with the alumnus
office there?

Who is planning to go to the reunion this Thanksgiving? I'll be there,
with my wife Holly.

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