update from neal

Thu, 19 Oct 1995 17:02:48 -0700

It's fun to read what other folks have been up to. I've been out of
touch with nearly everyone in the class for 20 years. My folks moved
to NC a year after I went to college (they're now in Sun City West,
AZ), so my only ties to NJ have been occasional business trips and,
more recently, visits to my brother in Belle Meade.

You could have predicted in '75 that I would stay involved with
computers. I've worked for AT&T Bell Labs ever since I graduated from
Brown and Berkeley. I really enjoy it and get to do a lot of stuff
with the Internet. If you have access to the World Wide Web, you
should visit my home page:


I have pointers to lot of interesting things there. You can see a
picture of me - be forwarned that I have a beard now :-|@

When I think back to Summit I sense that I knew very little about
the community and was involved in even less of it. David Luberoff
wrote something along those lines in my yearbook -- it was
interesting to come across that note recently. In Boulder Colorado
I've been involved in lots of things - the library board, an online
community network, sustainable development.... Its great fun. Must
be that Berkeley California influence, though I'm still more fond of
learning and planning than I am of doing.

I got married in '88 to Holly Lewis. After we decided not to have
kids she decided to go to Med school (having started off in theatre
and counseling and the Peace Corps/Nepal). She just finished that and
started a residency program at a hospital in Portland Oregon, so we
will be here for three years. They're letting me continue to work at
the same job via a 'teleworking' arrangement, so I telecommute via the
Internet from a building downtown. We're in a great location from
which Holly can walk or bike to work and I can take the bus. In '98
we'll move back to Boulder.

I'm not playing any bridge these days, but I continue to sing (folk
music get-togethers), and I enjoy international folk dancing a lot.

Neal.McBurnett@att.com 503-727-4690 AT&T Bell Labs, Denver
World Wide Web: http://bcn.boulder.co.us/~neal/Home.html
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