Re: what are the new books, Tobie?
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 19:14:12 -0400

Neal, Neal, Neal!!!!

I can't believe you called me Tobie! I wonder if that will ever stop. I
know that Tobie and I have alot in common, but this is getting rediculous.
My mother even told me recently that she saw Tobie on "Good Morning America"
and that she looked just like me when I was on the same program last year!
Apparently we had the same hair style, the same dress, the same make-up
artist, etc.... Perhaps we really were separated at birth.

Anyway, my new books are quite dissimilar from one another. The first one is
called "Lab Coats and Root Beer Floats." It is for kids, and is about the
scientific method. It encourages kids to follow their own interests and leads
them through the process of scientific exploration.

The second book is quite a leap from my others. It is called "The Mind
Metaphor". The goal of the book is to show that corporations are organized
and run just like the brain. I am having a great time working on this one.
Each day the analogy seems to get richer and highlight some new feature of
business in an interesting way. This book draws on my scientific and
business background, and is quite a challenge.

By the way, Tobie recently wrote a book too. That is why she was on Good
Morning America. It is about the car insurance industry, if I remember
correctly. She also works for Consumer Reports. Hi Tobie!!

I still haven't made a final decision to go to the reunion or not. If I
decide to hop on a plane on Saturday, is anyone available to pick me up at
the airport??