Re: Reunions brunch, and send in that money for the real event!

Neal McBurnett (
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 11:26:16 -0700

On Nov 16, 9:54, Jim Sturm <sturm@EE.Princeton.EDU> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I'll be at my parents (in NC) with my family on Saturday, but
> will come back in time Sunday for brunch, so I'm writing to encourage
> you all to go to the New Hampshire House (ooops, Winberries now)
> on Sunday. Tina, BUY YOUR PLANE TICKET!! Ted, the kids will be
> OK in the car -- come on up. David -- you can go right from
> brunch to the plane. Walter -- maybe you can get me a discount
> on some Biorad equipment for my lab...
> Hope to see you all soon, Jim
>-- End of excerpt from Jim Sturm

Sounds good - I'll be at the brunch!

Larry Lauer (who I think is at - testing....) encourages
everyone to sign up and send in their money as soon as possible - they've
got a lot of people who have verbally said they were coming, but haven't
sent in their forms, and they want to avoid paying for noshow's. So
please send in your responses ASAP if possible, and if you don't think
your money will arrive on time at least confirm with them what your real
plans are! Of course, I don't have the materials they sent out in my
hands right now and I'm away from Portland for another day or two, so I
can't quote the address, etc. - can someone else post that to:

And, as always, I encourage you to send in notes to that same address for
our Virtual Reunion, whether or not you can make it in person.

Cheers, 503-727-4690 AT&T Bell Labs, Denver/Portland
World Wide Web: