Great reunion! (I 2nd it)
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 18:22:00 -0800


Comments on Neal McB's comments:

>Everyone I talked to thought that the reunion went very well!
I give it a 3.5

>the name tags were very helpful
VERY VERY helpful - time was less than kind on SOME of our classmates.

>the alums didn't seem to hold on to very many high school cliques and
I found this VERY interesting & intertaining. "Girls" who would have
NOTHING to do with me in High School greeted me with hugs and kisses -
guys who were more likely to beat me up then talk to me were down right

>Cheers to the organizers for getting so many people together
GOOD job!!

>More fun than the 10th reunion
TRUE! The open bar and lack of dinner was a BAD combo!

>I was the 'lucky winner' of a set of four lift tickets to Great
>Gorge, which I blithly fobbed off on the first friend I saw rather
>than discovering whether my wonderful hosts were interested (Dan &
>Marilyn Garlen and their delightful kids Alex and Mandy.)
We forgive your thoughtlessness - BUDDY.

>There is talk of a 25th reunion, but I'm more tempted to wait for the
>30th for the next big one.
I agree. My vote is to wait for the 30th.

All and all it was a good time and great to see everyone there. We
missed thoses who couldn't make it - so keep in "E-touch"

Warmest Regards,

Dan Garlen