Re: an eye for an eye, a note for a note......

James Wyman (
Mon, 04 Aug 1997 08:28:37 -0400

Larry, I look forward to hearing about your doings over the past couple of
decades. It's really a delight hearing from people I haven't heard from or
about in years. Cyberspace is a friendly, not a frightening place, though!
Less intrusive than making phone calls and less formal than writing
letters. I bet a lot more of our classmates have gotten on-line over the
last two years. Even my 76-year-old mother is on-line!

BTW, although I visit the Summit area every once and a while, I just
recently had a chance to visit Summit virtually at the not-too-bad Summit
Online web site at I note that Dr.
Geddis is still principal at SHS and our favorite bellowing social studies
teacher cum football coach from junior high--that's right, EMIL
GEORGE!!!--is now the vice-principal. Tom Quinn and Anthony Wharton used to
do very good impressions of him . . . .

I don't know why this just popped into my mind but I just had this
flashback of going into Windhorst Liquors (long gone) on Broad Street with
Larry trying to buy underage. Boy, things were different then. I hope
you're not with the N.J. Alco. Bev. Comm'n now, Larry, and I've wrecked
your chances for a promotion!


At 11:18 PM 7/27/97 -0400, wrote:
>As this is my first foray into the cyber world of SHS I will be brief. This
>is all a bit frightening to me. While I have been on-line through AOL for a
>while I am a novice and duly impressed by James & Neals knowledge and
>I do not have a web page but can be reached on AOL as or
>through the SHS teleport (however that works???)
>I will echo James hats off to Neal for his efforts and thank him again for
>his help during the reunion planning.
>I'll write again soon and fill you in on my activities but it was great to
>hear about you guys.
>By the way, what's with all this talk about 40. As one of the youngsters in
>the class I have some time left!
>Oh, and another thing....Walt Lockwood was the physics teacher. I took
>physics senior year and I am convinced that the only reason I passed was
>because Mr. Lockwood was the senior class advisor. As president I would
>always find "reasons" why I had to leave class to tend to senior class
>business. I'm sure he felt sorry for me and didn't have the heart to fail me
>since I was president under his guidance. Thank god because I was a miserable
>physics student (and biology...and chemistry.....and math............)
>We'll type again soon.
>Larry Lauer

James Wyman
Nobody heard him, the dead man,
But still he lay moaning:
I was much farther out than you thought
And not waving but drowning.
               --Stevie Smith