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The Aviation Communication web site (http://www.flightinfo.com) offers
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This site is filled with lots of helpful aviation information for pilots as
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If you're interested in flying as either a hobby or career choice, Aviation
Communication can inform you on aviation schools and classes, medical
information, licence requirements, checkrides, how to fly and tips on
building time with out spending lots of money in the process.

If you're an advanced pilot looking far a job, Aviation Communication has a
convenient list of airline addresses as well as a wealth of information
regarding licence maintenance, such as bi-ennials, currency and instructor

Flight instructors...we have instructing tips for you, for all those hard
to teach maneuvers!

"Rules of thumb"...we have them! From learning how to fly to finding the
fuel flow and descent rate in a turbojet to temperature conversions!!

No matter who you are you'll enjoy taking advantage of the pilot message
board and the free classifieds!

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Visit us today http://www.flightinfo.com

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