35th Reunion

Peter Laughlin, Larry Lauer, Mimi Allerton, Sheila Bonnell, Terry Triolo Carlini, Matt Swanson and others are already starting to organize the 35th reunion in 2010. They have a web site up at http://www.summithigh75.com/. Sign up there, or join just for a public virtual reunion. There is also a Facebook page for "Summit High School Class of '75" for a more private party that won't show up on search engines or archive.org.

SHS Class of 1975 Virtual 20th Reunion, 1995

Well, memories of the last reunion (20th, Nov 25, 1995) continue to fade, and the virtual reunion has gone into hibernation for now. It took place here in cyberspace, and started the 12th of October, 1995.
The original list server at teleport.com is no longer around, but you can see previous messages to that list via our Hypermail Archive.

That was followed with a discussion list, which is also no more: http://www.egroups.com/list/shs-75

Check out our Map of where they were in 1995. This will show you where about 330 members of the class were (from zip code data kindly provided by Pete Laughlin, and thanks to the free services of the TIGER Mapping Service from the US Census).

Here is a 20th reunion photo of Franklin Elementary School graduates kindly taken by Sue Brigham:
Standing: Jill Armstrong, John Osborne, Michael Closs, Larry Lauer, Neal McBurnett, Beverly Breton, Peter Laughlin, Todd Hyde, Patty Brinkman, Leslie Trone, Lynn Kennedy, Greg Steinhauser, Laurie Eubank, Peter Closs.
Kneeling: Sue Brigham, Jim Beams, Steve Breitenfeld, Tim Hyde.

Some alums have their own pages:

If you want to know what Summit is up to these days, visit the official City of Summit home page or one of the commercial Summit home pages, e.g Summit Online, or Summit NJ (Observer). Hopefully there will also be some grass-roots pages some day, ala BCN....

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