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It is now a year since Zangelding 1.0 was first released on May 8th. While the project has obviously been going on for a longer time than that (first mention of the project is on Bergie's personal Web site, dated April 25th), the 1.0 launch was when the project became public.

As it is very easy to only see where the project is now, and forget the long process that has taken us here, I decided to put together a quick look back into major happenings with the project in last year.

To summarize, the year was one of quick growth for Zangelding. We've gathered a quite sizable community of active users and contributors, and also made inroads to corporate acceptance of Zangelding.

Please note that this document is still in draft state. If you want to make any additions or corrections, please contact me about them.


Zangelding 1.0.0 "Land Rover" released. The first public release of Zangelding was announced. The initial announcement attracted quite much interest from the Open Source community, and was carried by Linux Today, Scripting News, Freshmeat, and various other sites. (May 8th)

Bug fix release 1.0.1 available. The original "Land Rover" release 1.0.0 of Zangelding failed to install properly because of a small bug that entered the code during final packaging. Release 1.0.1 fixed the bug. (May 10th)

Anonymous CVS access. The Zangelding Project started using the CVS version control utility for coordinating development work. The CVS server enabled read-only access to anonymous users. (May 10th)

First MWS released. We started gathering weekly summaries of latest Zangelding developments by the request of Linux Weekly News. (May 26th)

Development Roadmap. They released the first Zangelding development roadmap. The document illustrated future plans starting from the 1.0 architecture to a much more dynamic 2.0 release. (May 30th)

Zangelding 1.0.2 is ready. The new release contained a simplified installation procedure and some bug fixes. No new features were included. (May 30th)


Zangelding 1.0.3 in CVS. The latest stable release of Zangelding, version 1.0.3 was committed to CVS. This was not released officially in the Zangelding site as it contained many troublesome modifications to Zangelding's database tables (and so could break many older sites without proper installation), and 1.1 was not that far anyway. (June 16th)

The Zangelding FAQ available. First version of the Zangelding FAQ was released. The FAQ was written based on various discussions on the Zangelding mailing list. Later on the FAQ was integrated to the Zangelding Manual. (June 22nd)

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