Who is Jim Waterman ?

I am a independent Unix software development consultant who volunteers time to the Boulder Community Network. I am a founding member of the BCN Board of Directors, maintain the BCN Weather and Environment Centers, help with a BCN /COB BASIN project and assist with CGI scripts. I also provide WWW services from my home systems along with information on my other activities and interests.

Personally I think BCN is a very exiting idea. There is a lot about talk about video on demand and home shopping but through the information Hype-rway, but I believe the truly revolutionary opportunity presented by the internet is wider dissemination of information. It has been observed that Freedom of the Press in the United States is reserved for those who own the presses; with the WWW the price of a press has dropped and, more important an international distribution channel has been made available to a much wider selection of information sources.

As a member of the BCN Board I encourage you to get involved. BCN relies on community input and new ideas. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity I heartily recommend this organization. There are lots of opportunities for interested groups and individuals to get involved even if computers are not your bag; but if you are interested in technology BCN offers many opportunities to learn pratical internet skills while contributing to the community.