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Near Nederland, Colorado

Originally a supply town for mining camps, the town of Nederland is located along Middle Boulder Creek. In the early part of the 20th Century, the Public Service Company of Colorado built a reservoir in Barker Meadows below Nederland to store water for generating hydroelectric power further down Boulder Canyon. One of the first dams in the world built with pre-stressed concrete, Barker Dam is currently owned by the Public Service Company, although the city of Boulder holds water rights to much of the water stored in the reservoir. Some 40% of the city of Boulder's drinking water currently comes from Barker Reservoir.

Image/Location Date Photographer Source/Copyright
Bailey Mill Dam- Hessie 1935 D. C. Kemp DPL Western History
Eldora Winter 1888 Nora Thompson DPL Western History
Peterson Lake & Loco 1955 D. C. Kemp DPL Western History
Frosty Morning Near Eldora April, 1939 D.C. Kemp DPL Western History
Nederland Park (pre reservoir) 1890 William H. Jackson DPL Western History
Barker Meadows Flooding 1900 Ives DPL Western History
Barker Dam Construction April 26, 1910 L.C. McClure DPL Western History
Barker Reservoir 1909(?) Ed Tangen DPL Western History
Barker Dam from Southeast 1939 D.C. Kemp DPL Western History