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E-Mail Course: Parenting Your Aging Parents
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Course Instructors: Francine & Robert Moskowitz, authors of "Parenting Your Aging Parents," top-selling book and soon to be a PBS TV show, have spoken personally with hundreds of families struggling to help aging parents, and freely share what they learned with course members.

Course Description: This course is aimed at the millions of families sacrificing their own health and finances to care for aging loved ones unable to maintain a satisfactory quality of life on their own.

Based on their book, this course provides thirty-to-sixty year olds -- the so-called "Sandwich Generation" -- with a unique compilation of the information they need to cope with America's best-kept secret: that millions of families must go to extraordinary lengths to help their aging parents maintain a satisfactory quality of life in the face of illness, disability, and decline.

The course covers:
Issues of Responsibility
Medical Care
Emotional Issues
Family Issues, and
Death-Related Issues

Once you complete this course, you will understand
1) Deciding where and how your aging parents shoud live, independently or in a nursing home, thousands of miles away or in the next room.
2) Vital financial and legal matters required for the most critical moments of caregiving
3) Details of medical insurance
4) How to recognize physical and emotional symptoms, and
5) Methods for getting the best possible care from doctors, hospitals, and home support services.

You will also be more comfortable dealing with the emotional and family issues resulting from the specter of deteriorating parents. These feelings -- everything from parental depression to sibling squabbles and guilt -- can tear even the closest family apart. But you'll have information on helping your family work together to solve these problems and come closer than ever.

For more information and starting dates, or check out website at

Last Update: , by the Senior Center Developer
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