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This website includes all the information from scams to information about recycling resources to internet related topics and much more!


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Wed, April 30, 2003 by Meghana Joshi

Internet Domains
What is an Internet Domain? How do you track down the responsible party for a domain name? Check out this page for more information.

Internet Spam
Unsolicited bulk email ("Spam") is a nuisance that is a nuisance for users and a serious problem for the Service Providers who find significant amounts of their computer resources being stolen. This page gives resources for dealing positively with the problem.

Internet Hoaxes and Frauds

Hand in hand with spam is the problem of a few of your well-meaing friends sending you a warning about the "most dangerous virus known" which you are encouraged to also rebroadcast to all your friends. Here is a page with links to resources to check this out before you become victim of yet another Internet hoax (And possibly add your and all your friends' email addresses to yet another spammer list)

E-Commerce and online privacy can be a challenge for everyone. This link below gives a collection of references for tips on avoiding problems and resources if something goes awry.

Internet Cookies
What are Cookies and how are they used? The link Internet Cookies has several references that give you a better understanding.

Internet Viruses
Suffered a loss or from a fraudulent activity via the Internet? This page gives you references to resources for more information to protect yourself and where to file complaints.

Internet Privacy
This page is a support center to introduce you to the concerns about Online Privacy and to give you links to some resources to help you deal with this issue.

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