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Wed, April 30, 2003 by Meghana Joshi

This page contains Air Travel Support information as well as Travel Advisories resources.

Air Travel Support Information :

    Here are some of the points to consider when traveling through Denver International Airport :

  • Current average wait times recording - 303-342-8477

  • Access - all vehicles entering the airport vicinity may be searched.

  • Unattended vehicles will be towed immediatley.

  • Current parking space recording - 303-342-7245.

  • Have at least two photo-id's with you at all times.

  • Consider carrying overnight essentials in case of a delay.

  • Be aware of the ticket cancellation policy for your flight.

  • Be aware of other flights to your destination.

  • Only ticketed passengers are allowed past airport checkpoints.

  • Arrange to meet passengers in the main terminal or in the passenger pickup lanes.

  • An express lane is available for passengers with absolutely no carry-on baggage.

  • Sharp or pointed objects of any kind are not permitted to be carried on airplanes.

  • Be aware that all electronic devices will be X-rayed.

  • Do not wear steel-tipped shoes or underwire brassieres.

  • Information about the RTD Skyride service - 303-299-6000.

  • Remove jewelry, watches, belts, coins, pens and electronic devices before walking through the security checkpoints.


Airline Information :

Opens at
Flight Status info. WebSite

ATA West 04:00 1-800-
American West East 04:00 1-800-
American Air East 03:45 1-800-
Continent East 04:30 1-800-
Delta East 04:30 1-800-
Frontier East 05:00 1-800-
JetBlue East ? 1-800-
LuftHansa West 11:30 1-800-
Mexicana East 10:00 303-
NorthWest West 04:30 1-800-
United West 04:45 1-800-
US Airlines East 05:00 1-800-
Vanguard East 04:00 1-800-

   For more information on your flight visit Fly Denver


Travel Advisories:

Air Traffic Control System Command Center
For current information on air travel in the country, see Air Traffic Control System Command Center website.

U.S. Department of State
The U.S. State Department has a general travel advisory site that gives up to date assessments of the conditions Americans might encounter in various foreign countries. Visit U.S. Department of State  Select "Travel Warnings/Consular Information Sheets."

Federal Department of Transportation
Also see the Federal Department of Transportation report on related transportation issues.

British Foreign and Commonwealth Office
The British government has published a list of "country statements" with their estimates of overseas safety issues.British Foreign and Commonwealth Office Select the Bugs Graphic, or "Country Statements."

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