Boulder Green Map Project

Understanding the ecological status of our planet today is too overwhelming for most people, but the condition of our cities and towns is more readily grasped and changeable. By illuminating the places where nature and the designed environment interconnect in your city, a fresh perspective is created. People will discover and get involved with their own hometown's green and culturally important places. The Boulder Green Map is be a resource-efficient way to create a powerful new ecological view of this great city.

Maps organize vital information in a visually compelling manner familiar to most segments of the population. Maps give people fresh perspectives, a personal connection to place, and lead them to new experiences. The community can look at the Boulder Green Map as the image of the way things are today, and together, everyone can look ahead. It will clarify what is missing, what needs strengthening, where opportunities await, and how evenly our green resources are distributed. It can then become a tool to encourage a democratic approach to urban planning, and lead the City of Boulder to make policy changes toward long-term sustainability.

Users of the Green Map benefit by having several kinds of information arranged as a continuous, integrated whole. With it, they can find:

The Green Map concept was created by Wendy Brawer of Modern World Design in New York City. Communities throughout the world have followed her lead and created their own Green Maps. Today, the Green Map System (GMS) is providing guidance and support to nearly 90 participating locations. The GMS liscenses to participating mapmaking teams the rights to use a standard set of site icons. The GMS is also a forum where Green mapmakers in diverse communities can share their processes and experiences. The Boulder Green Map Project is a local community effort, taking advantage of the experience and guidance of previous mapmakers through the GMS. Peruse the work that has been completed so far, and contact us to support Green Map efforts in Boulder.

revised 5-27-99
text from the Green Map System's Guide to Green Mapmaking, ©Modern World Design 1999