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Boulder County LINC

Welcome to LINC, Boulder County's Local INformation Connection!

LINC provides information on Boulder County human service programs available through public agencies and non-profit organizations. These programs offer assistance to Boulder County residents in areas such as health care, housing, legal services, and childcare.

There are several ways to search the LINC database:

Simple Search returns all agencies and organizations that contain the word or words entered in the search.

Advanced Search has more options for limiting the search and can be used to narrow the search. Specific words to include and words to exclude can be entered in the Advanced Search along with limiting the search to specific fields of the database such as the Agency's name or city.

Browse returns a list of Boulder County human service programs available through the LINC.

  • Individual agencies are responsible for keeping their information up-to-date. If you represent an agency and would like information updated here, please search or browse to the agency page, and select the "update" link near the bottom of that page.
  • If you represent an agency that should be added here, please contact the LINC coordinator .
  • Some of the information here is out-of-date. BCN volunteers are updating the information now, but this may take a while to complete. If you are interested in volunteering to help update LINC pages, please contact the LINC coordinator .
  • Inclusion of a program does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by Boulder County, the University of Colorado at Boulder or the Boulder Community Network (BCN) or their employees.

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