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Media Center Introduction

Where in the World would you like to go today?

The Boulder Community Network's Media Center can take you from Fairbanks, Alaska (to get tonight's Aurora Borealis forecast) to the South Pole, and a lot of interesting places in between with the World Wide Web and Email addresses of many newspapers, radio and television media outlets in Colorado and around the world.

This collection of media links concentrates on providing you with the web and email addresses of newspapers, radio and television stations in the Boulder and Denver, Colorado area, but we have also included a lot of media outlets around the rest of Colorado.

Plus - for those of you with a broader perspective, there are links to selected national media and overseas media outlets among the estimated some 3,200 on all continents.

A recent addition is a section that lists many Alternative or Internet publishing media outlets. Select "Internet and Alternative media" on the National print and Internet media web and email page.

This web site is designed for handicapped accommodation - it starts in a simple full screen mode, so handicapped reading systems can understand it. At this point, the viewer can select the region of interest -

  • Boulder and Denver area
  • Eastern Colorado
  • Northern Colorado
  • Southern Colorado
  • Western Colorado
  • National
  • International
and then select the specific media outlet.

For viewers who do not need the handicapped support feature, there are links on the home page to select either a Newspapers directory frames mode or a Radio/television directory in frames mode.

In either of the frames modes, comprehensive directories of the names of all the media outlets are displayed in the left frame. Selecting a name there takes you directly to the web link for the home page of that media outlet. Note that if there is an email link for this media outlet, you must go through the home page to bring up the appropriate full citation page for that outlet which will bring up an email window so you can write directly to the media outlet.

Alternatively, if the Media center does not list your favorite media outlet, there is a section, "Go Find Your Own," which takes you to several web sites that have the addresses of most of the media outlets all over the world.

To get to the BCN Media site -

From the Boulder City library home page -

  • Select the Boulder Community Network link.
  • Select the Media Center.

From the CU Chinook home page -

  • Select State Services
  • Select the Boulder Community Network link
  • Select the Media Center.

The direct World Wide Web address of the Boulder Community Network web site is -

The Boulder Community Network's Media Center is a comprehensive collection of some 300 World Wide Web and Email links to the Boulder and Denver area media outlets plus many points on all continents. Take a look the next time you want to go somewhere, anywhere in the world.

Boulder Community Network, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is a local world wide web site that has been providing extensive and detailed information about and for the Boulder County community since 1994.

(For the Aurora forecast in Fairbanks, Alaska, go to the National Print media page, select the Fairbanks News Miner in Alaska, or Fairbanks News Miner in the directory. At the News Miner home page, select "Weather" and then under that menu, "Night Skies," then "Aurora Borealis Forecast."
To visit the South Pole, go to the Overseas print media page and select the New South Polar Times, or South Polar Times from the menu.)

World Wide Web page by SCCS.
Last updated May 16, 2001.
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