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Class Schedules and Locations

Manage Your Files -- A class to help you find the files you can't locate!

Power Point -- Learn how to enhance your presentations with graphics, etc.

Excel -- Learn all about rows and columns and how to manage your data.

"Introduction to Computers" Senior Orientation

The specific learning objective of these two courses, Introduction to Computers and Introduction to the Windows Operating System, is to prepare students to use the mouse, keyboard and scroll-bar well enough to navigate the Internet Course. As result of this class students should know that computers are being used in huge numbers by senior citizens and other non-business users. Students will be reassured that anyone can learn computers.

"Introduction to the Windows Operating System" Senior Orientation

The Operating System (OS) acts as the interface between you, your computer and the application programs. Windows 98 is the operating system this class will introduce you to using graphic symbols and text, this operating system allow you to select and perform the things you want to do with your computer in an easy, friendly way.

"Surf the Web!!" Public Orientation

The purpose of each session is to introduce new users to Boulder Community Network and other information on the World Wide Web. At these sessions you will learn about the Internet and the Web, become familiar with "surfing" BCN and the Internet using the Netscape or the Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, and E-mail. Find out about public access sites, as well as commercial Internet providers in the area.
BCN Volunteers are available to assist you during the session. No prior computing experience is required!

Build Your Own Web Page

This introductory class will teach the techniques of web page design using the basics of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). You will learn how to create links to images and other sites, as well as how to get creative with your page. Participants should be familiar with computers and surfing the Internet. Be sure to bring a 3½" diskette to save your work.

Individualized Training for Community Organizations

We can also arrange private two hour orientation sessions for your organization members at a date and time of your selection (given availability). BCN volunteers will help tailor the session to your needs. We charge a flat fee for the administration and classroom time for these private sessions. Call the BCN office at 492-8176 to request a private session.

To Register for the General Public Sessions

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