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Introduction to Computers:
g with the Mouse and Keyboard


The specific learning objective of these two courses is to prepare students to use the mouse, keyboard and scroll-bar well enough to navigate the Internet Course.

As result of this class students should know that computers are being used in huge numbers by senior citizens and other non-business users. They should be reassured that anyone can learn computers. They should come away from this first course with the understanding of how to use the mouse and keyboard, but be convinced that in order to take on Course #2 and Course #3 they will have to practice those mouse and keyboard abilities. Course #1 and Course #2 should be similar and dovetail into each other. That will reinforce the skills they are learning that will allow them to surf the Net.


HANDOUTS - The 6-page Dictionary of Terms
Suan's Class #2 Handout so that they can use with homework

HOMEWORK - Play Solitaire and type around in the computer - Play!

Note: The Big Turn Off
Show students how to correctly shut down their computers.

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