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Last Update: January 12, 2000.

Boulder Community Preparedness Programs

Table of Contents to Local Programs

If you have another community assistance program that you wish to have listed, please fill out and send the Reader Response Form and let BCN know so we can keep this site up to date and useful to you.

A Message from Larry Stern -

"I have been asked to prepare for problems ranging from minor annoyances to power grid losses of up to nine months. Some people are not concerned about the Y2K phenomenon. Others have predicted that deliveries of fuel and food will stop shortly after midnight Jan. 1, 2000, and that reserves from retail food and fuel outlets will be used up within 48 hours.

"Because no one can guarantee there will be no power outage when computers enter the next millennium, I am recommending that residents prepare for it much as they would prepare for a power loss caused by a flood or storm."

The full text can be seen at for the complete editorial.

Larry Stern is the emergency manager for Boulder County and City.

The Online "Y2K Community Report Card"

Fewer than 130 days remain before the Year 2000 and many citizens are concerned about local readiness for "Y2K."

The Center for Y2K & Society has prepared a Y2K preparedness assessment tool for cities, towns, and communities. The online "Y2K Community Report Card," asks 30 questions that have been designed to help citizens, civic leaders, and other organizations determine how ready their community is to face potential Y2K disruptions.

Visit the "Y2K Community ( target=_top)Report Card" Web site , "grade" your community and let the Center know where you stand. Feel free to tell your friends and colleagues about this Report Card.

If you complete this Report Card, please return the summary page by September 3rd (fax: 202 775-3199; e-mail:

The questions cover six areas:

  1. community planning,
  2. individual and neighborhood preparedness,
  3. healthcare systems,
  4. public safety and the environment,
  5. protecting especially vulnerable people, and
  6. critical community services.

The purpose of the Report Card is to help everyone identify areas where additional efforts may be needed and to promote dialogue among nonprofits, citizens, and government leaders.

The Y2K Center is currently working to assess the Y2K readiness of the nation's largest cities, and plan to announce the results of a national survey in mid-September. Updates will be issued monthly thereafter. If you have any questions, please contact the Center at 202-775-3157 or

Finally, if you would like to receive e-mail "alerts" from the Center about new material available on its Web site, including the Report Card summary reports, please subscribe to the "Alert Network" mailing list. Send an e-mail message to or visit the "Alert Network" online at .

The Center for Y2K & Society was established by 12 foundations in December 1998 to catalyze nonprofit and philanthropic organizations to help prepare communities for the possible societal impacts of Y2K disruptions.

Center for Y2K & Society

Share-a-Gift Toy Shop

Share-A-Gift collects and distributes new and used toys, bikes, books, games, puzzles and stuffed animals to families to give to their children for the holiday season. Each year approximately 500 households (1,500 girls and boys, ages birth to 14), in the Boulder Valley School District register to receive these community toy donations. All new and used toys come from the Boulder community at large; school children, families, church groups, service groups, company holiday parties, and most importantly, YOU!

Share-A-Gift is a community volunteer effort. To be successful, Share-a-Gift relies on your donations of thousands of new and used toys, bikes, stuffed animals, games, puzzles and books. Just as important, we also need hundreds of hours of volunteer time to collect and sort new and used toys, clean used toys and bikes, and distribute toys at University of Colorado's North Broadway Armory. Shop setup will be December 16, 17 and 18 and toy distribution on December 19 and 20. We are always in need of interpreters. All volunteers can call JoAnn Joselyn at 303/494-4258. New and used toy donations will be accepted in special collection boxes throughout Boulder County between November 18 through December 13. We would like to emphasize the need for dolls, trucks, soccer balls and books.

Companies, schools or businesses that would like a collection box setup, can call Sam Badgett at 303/665-1119. Donations can also be dropped off at North Broadway Armory between 9:00am and 5:00pm on December 16 through the 18. Used children's bikes are always needed. If you have a used children bike that needs refurbishing or pickup, call Tom Corrigan at 303/444-2747 (w) and 303/444-2504 (h). Bikes in good condition can always be dropped off at North Broadway Armory during our shop hours. This year we especially need monetary donations. All monetary donations are tax-deductible and used for the purchase of new toys, batteries and wrapping paper. Tax-deductible checks should be made out to Share-A-Gift and sent to -


The 1997 collaboration between Emergency Family Assistance Association and Community Food Share provided festive and nutritious holiday meals to 823 families in need (a total of 3,384 individuals). The agencies are prepared to do this again in 1998, but community support ensures success of this program. Here's how you can help:

Give generously to Community Food Share's holiday food drives; there will be several food drives in November and December. To help with these food drives call 303/652-3663.

Certain products will not be donated in sufficient supply so we must purchase fresh fruit, desserts. Please send your monetary gift to

Volunteer on distribution days, Friday, December 18, 12-4pm; Saturday, December 19, 8:30- 11:30am and 1-4:30pm; and Sunday, December 20, 1-4pm to distribution and at 4-6:30pm to help with clean up. Please call Laurie Fidao at 303/442-3042 to sign-up as a volunteer for Holiday Food Basket. Families with children 4 years and older are welcomed to serve as volunteers.

For further information about the Holiday Food Basket Program or to learn more about the work of these agencies year round, please call Laurie Fidao at EFAA, 303/442-3042, or Sue Ericson at CFS, 303/652-3663.


In 1998, the Boulder County Department of Social Services will celebrate 23 years of holiday programming focused on enriching the lives of our most needy clients. We look forward to another year of fun sharing with one of the largest programs of its kind in the metro area. Last year we made the holiday season brighter for many less fortunate families.

One of the new things we will be doing this year is a pilot program that will allow donors and clients some personal contact. Of course this part of the program is voluntary. Donor Direct Delivery will include a waiver signed by the client allowing the donor to deliver directly to their home. Another option would be for the staff person to contact the donor and the client to arrange a mutually convenient time for delivery at our offices.

Except for Donor Direct Delivery, all other aspects of the program will remain the same: a random selection of clients is made, workers in our three county offices collect lists itemizing the priority needs of their clients. When the Volunteer office receives the list, we will match that family or individual by the amount indicated on your donor form. We will then mail you the list in a letter with a schedule of delivery times and dates. We will include as much information as possible so that you may take advantage of holiday sales.

Our program guidelines allow for each family member to receive up to four gifts - not over $75.00 in total value. You may use this amount to gauge the dollar amount you want to commit to. If you prefer, you can make a cash contribution. Please make checks payable to:

These funds are used to provide last minute gifts for unadopted families, with any remaining funds used to meet the emergency needs of our clients throughout the year. If you have questions or would like to make your pledge by phone, you may call one our phone coordinators between October 26th and November 20th.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT OUR PHONE COORDINATORS ARE VOLUNTEERS AND YOU ARE CALLING PRIVATE RESIDENCES. WE ASK THAT YOU MAKE YOUR CALLS BETWEEN 9:00am to 8:30pm. The office number has voice mail and will be check frequently; we will return calls as quickly as possible. Please repeat your phone number at the end of the message. To guarantee delivery of gifts to clients by Dec. 20th, we need to receive them between Dec. 12th and Dec. 18th. Times and locations will be sent in the letter with your shopping list. Thank you for your participation in this joyous effort.


The 13th annual Share-A-Coat program is made possible by you. Children's coats, hats and mittens are greatly needed, as well as coats (especially men's large & extra large sizes), hats, scarves, and gloves for adults. All garments need only be cozy warm -- it would be great if they were already clean, but if they are not, the Boulder Cleaners, Inc. and Le Cleaners, Inc. will donate their services to clean them for us. You can drop off your donations at their stores located as follows:

Volunteers are needed for every aspect of the project, collecting, moving, sorting, distributing. Monetary donations may be sent to

Please make checks payable to Boulder Valley Rotary Foundation and denote 'Share-A-Coat' on the check. For more information, and if you wish to help, contact Jim Quesenbery, (303) 499-7065.


The 1,200 members of Boulder Elks Lodge #556 will distribute Christmas baskets to elderly and handicapped people in Boulder. Last year they distributed more than 400 baskets. If you would like to assist us in this project, please contact Don Gardner at 303/442-5003.


Christmas baskets are provided for Louisville and Lafayette residents who are elderly or disabled as well as some families who do not receive holiday baskets from other programs. Please call Sister Carmen Community Center at 303/665-4342 for more information.


Elderly and disabled residents living in the Broomfield area are provided with Christmas baskets. Please call Broomfield FISH at 303/465-1600 for more information.


Boulder County's traditional holiday programs would be impossible without volunteer support. The Volunteer Connection works year-round to connect volunteers with community needs. If you would like more information on volunteering, please call 303/444-4904.

Boulder County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Management.

The Office of Emergency Management coordinates the activities of volunteer, public, and private agencies in emergency planning, mobilizing, and direction of emergency preparedness personnel in response to and recovery from disasters or emergencies in the City or County of Boulder, Colorado.
Office of Emergency Management

Boulder County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services.

The Emergency Services Group of the Boulder County Sheriff's Department represents the statutory responsibilities of the Boulder County Sheriff in search and rescue, wildland fire suppression, hazardous materials incidents, structure fire investigations, natural disasters and is a liaison to the other emergency service providers in Boulder County.
Office of Emergency --> Office of Emergency Services. Services.

Health and Human Services Administration Y2K Resources Homepage for Children and Families

The ACF Y2K Resources Homepage is designed to support the Human Services community in preparing for Year 2000 transitions.

The site itself is designed for both those who need background and general information and others who are already addressing the problem. To support both users, we have designed the site along two tracks.

The first track we call Y2K 101, designed as an introduction for non-technical users.

The second track is the Y2K Solution Center which allows is a search for the whole web site and is designed as a resource for experienced visitors.

The site also has two search methods. The first is a search for the whole web site; the second is a search of the document library for quicker searching and downloads.

This site also provides information on or links to:
Document Library,
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions),
Federal web sites,
State web sites,
Vendor web sites,
Y2K Solution Center,
Y2K news sites.

The link is - ACF Y2K Resources Homepage,

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