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Last Update: December 27, 1999.

Y2K Activities World Wide Web Links

The following table of contents points to World Wide Web links to many regional and national sources of information about Y2K.

Links to City of Boulder Community Y2K Activities -

  1. Cassandra Project,
  2. Y2K Boulder,
  3. Boulder Daily Camera Y2K Archives

Links to City of Boulder Y2K Activities -

  1. City of Boulder Y2k Efforts,

Links to City of Broomfield Y2K Activities -

  1. Broomfield Y2K Activities,

Links to City of Longmont Y2K Activities -

  1. Longmont Y2K Activities,
  2. Longmont Home page,

Links to City of Louisville Y2K Activities -

  1. Louisville Y2K Activities,

Links to Boulder County Y2K Activities -

  1. Boulder County Y2K Activities;

City of Denver Y2K Activities -

  1. City of Denver;

Year 2000 at Colorado State University

  1. Colorado State University;

Links to State of Colorado Y2K Activities -

  1. State of Colorado Y2K Activities,
  2. University of Colorado,
  3. The State of Colorado Year 2000 Project,

Links to National Y2K Activities -

  1. The "Y2K Community Report Card," by the The Center for Y2K & Society.
  2. Philanthropy News Network.
  3. Public Technology for local governments,
  4. Municipal Government Checklist
  5. The Berkana Institute,
  6. Computer Virus and Myths Information;
  7. Computer Virus Information and Alerts;
  8. Virus Alerts and Information;
  9. Virus Encyclopedia;
  10. Virus and Urban Legends Archives;
  11. Personal Survival Guide to the Year 2000.
  12. The "Web's first comprehensive, independent database of Y2K compliance information for consumers,""
  13. Electronic Data Systems Corp.,
  14. CompuMentor Primer for nonprofits,
  16. Steve Davis's Municipal Support,
  17. Rick Cowles "Electric Utilities & Y2K",
  18. Genie, select Year 2000,
  19. Gifts in Kind International,
  20. IBM's Year 2000 Activities
  21. The Millennium Problem in Embedded Systems from The Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)
  22. Independent Sector,
  23. Mitre Corporation,
  24. Mitre Corporation,
  25. Robert X. Cringly's "The Pulpit,"
  26. Y2K SolutionRCG Information Technology,
  27. Arts & Cultural Community,
  28. Red Cross Brochures,
  29. RX2000 Institute, Healthcare Industry support,
  30. United Way,
  31. Nathan Cummings Foundation,
  32. Ted DerryBerry's Y2K Links,
  33. Y2K Links Database,
  34. Y2K Information for Women,
  35. Dr. Yardeni's Economy Report,
  36. Peter de Jager's Year 2000 information Center,
  37. Y2k Resource Center,
  38. Ziff-Davis Publishing,
  39. Y2K NOW, chat board,
  40. Hardware/Software Compliance Status, by The University of Florida,
  41. Hardware and Software Compliance Survey Results from State of Washington,
  42. Software Compliance Database, from the University of Texas at Austin,
  43. Year 2000 Bookmarks, with links to everything you may want or need.

Links to Health Industry Y2K Activities -

  1. American Medical Association,
  2. British Medical Devices and Equipment Compliance,
  3. Biomedical Equipment Year 2000 Status Database,
  4. Center for Devices and Radiological Health Biomedical Equipment Clearinghouse,
  5. Health Canada's Medical Devices Database,
  6. Medical Integrated Services, Medical Equipment Database,
  7. Will It Work? Year 2000 Compliance Search Engine,
  8. New South Wales, Australia, Year 2000 Homepage,
  9. Australian Biomedical Engineering Database,
  10. Healthcare Medical Device Year 2000 Status Clearinghouse,

Links to International Y2K Activities -

  1. Australian Financial Review,
  2. Greenwich Mean Time, England;
  3. Global Millenium Foundation, Canada,
  4. Government of Canada database of vendor products

Links to Technical Y2K Support -

  1. Century Date Change -- IT Product Information,
  2. Gary North's Y2K Links and Forums on Compliance,
  3. IEEE Std 2000.1-1998,, IEEE Standard for Year 2000 Terminology, was approved by the IEEE Standards Board on 25 June 1998, and is available as PDF
  4. IEEE P2000.2,, Draft Recommended Practice for Information Technology Applications Standards Committee, which should be used with IEEE Std 2000.1-1998; available in PDF format.
  5. Commercial Off-the-Shelf Application Software Database,
  6. Apple Computer Support,
  7. Tracking of Y2K Readiness, by Audit Serve
  8. AutoCAD, Search for "Year 2000";
  9. Award Software International, Inc., PC program to test Y2K compliance.
  10. Caere Corporation;
  11. Claris Corporation;
  12. The Year 2000 Date Problem -- Support Centre, provides manufacturers' compliance statements. (British)
  13. Corel Corporation;>
  14. Dr. Solomon Software, Inc.;
  15. IBM Corporation;
  16. Network World Fusion's Y2K Compliance Database, has the compliance status of 15,000 computer and network products. Need to register to use.
  17. IMSI Corporation;
  18. Borland International Inc.;
  19. Intuit Corporation;
  20. Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) Year 2000 Certification Program, Information about certified companies (not products), and a white paper on software conversion.
  21. The Year 2000 Software Conversion: Issues and Observations White Paper, Information about certified companies (not products), and a white paper on software conversion.
  22. Lotus Corportation, Search on "year 2000";
  23. McAfee Associates, Search on "year 2000";
  24. Microsoft Y2K compliance information,
  25. Microsoft Product Compliance Status Guide,
  26. Microsoft Y2K Support,
  27. BIOS ratings,
  28. Year 2000 Network Advisor, from Infoliant is an online service which provides an up-to-date database of Y2K compliance information for over 10,000 desktop and network products. There is a free preview, but it costs $2,750 to subscribe to the full service database (which runs through to the Year 2000).
  29. Novell Corporation, Search on "year 2000";
  30. National Software Testing Laboratory,
  31. Peachtree Corporation;
  32. Pegasus Mail;
  33. POWYS TEC On-Line Y2K Database of Software Products, is searchable by Manufacturer and Product Name.(British)
  34. Quarterdeck Corporation;
  35. Red Hat Software Inc.;
  36. RUY2KOK? Year 2000 Vendor Compliance Information links to vendors,
  37. GPS Receiver Manufacturers Compliance Information from GRI,
  38. Sybase Inc.;
  39. BIOS Setup Information,,
  40. Y2K Compliance Database, offers compliance statements for consumers in more than ten categories including hardware, software, electronics, appliances, cars, and utilities.
  41. Y2K Links Year 2000 Millennium Resource Database (Millie), which provides compliance statements issued by software and hardware companies
  42. Year 2000 Registry, has a database of company compliance statements (not product compliance)
  43. Non-IBM Year 2000 Ready Applications, Tools, and Services Database,
  44. Report of Specified IBM Products and Their Y2K Readiness,

Links to Federal Y2K Activities -

This is a list of links to the Y2K statements of many federal agencies; there is no attempt to make it comprehensive. To locate the web address of any federal agency, see BCN's Political Center -

  • Select "Governmental Links; United States."

    Or, another directory to federal agencies is the following -

    Selected Federal Agency Y2K Statements -

    1. Department of Energy Energy Y2K Web Site;
    2. Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council Documents;
    3. DISA Fort Huachuca Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC);
    4. U.S.State and Local Gateway Year 2000 Links;
    5. Intergovernmental Solutions Office Year 2000 Support;
    6. Department of Energy Y2K Web Site;
    7. Department of Energy Team Handbook (including Contingency Plans)
    8. Air Force Communications Agency Year 2000 site;
    9. Army Y2K Web Site;
    10. Army COTS Compliance Database provides a database searchable by HW/SW, vendor name, and/or product name;
    11. Defense Information Systems Agency Year 2000 Contacts;
    12. Bell Atlantic Federal has GSA schedules, civilian and military contracts;
    13. Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) C3I Homepage;
    14. US Marine Corps Year 2000 Information;
    15. Year 2000 - Meeting the Challenge;
    16. Department of the Interior Y2K Page;
    17. Department of Navy Year 2000 Challenge;
    18. Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) C3I Homepage;
    19. Department of Defense Year 2000 Oversight and Contingency Planning Office;
    20. Y2K Verification of National Security Capabilities;
    21. Secretary of Defense Year 2000 Compliance;
    22. Department of Defense Year 2000 Management Plan;
    23. Joint Staff Year 2000 Home Page;
    24. Electronic Data Systems Vendor 2000 Database;
    25. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Year 2000 Web Site;
    26. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC);
    27. Federal Aviation Administration Y2K Risk Management Plan;
    28. Federal Communications Commission Y2K Activities,
    29. Federal Computer Incident Response Capability web site (virus Information);
    30. Food and Drug Administration Year 2000 Date Problem on Biomedical Equipment;
    31. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Year 2000 Activities;
    32. Federal Reserve Board Y2K Initiatives;
    33. Federal Emergency Management Agency Winter Tips,
    34. Federal Emergency Management Agency Y2K Issues;
    35. Federal Highway Administration and the Year 2000 Computer Problem;
    36. Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Response Center;
    37. Federal Trade Commission Year 2000 Consumer Update Pages;
    38. Government Accounting Office Business Continuity and Contingency Planning; [PDF].
    39. Government Accounting Office Year 2000 Computing Crisis;
    40. Health Care Financing Administration;
    41. Army Technology Integration Center Year 2000 Resources;
    42. Housing and Urban Development;
    43. Internal Revenue Service Year 2000 Project Office;
    44. Federal Gateway for Y2K Information;
    45. General Services Administration's Year 2000 Site links to COTS Databases;
    46. General Services Administration's Federal Best Practices Guide for Y2K;
    47. General Services Administration's Federal Table of Contents for Y2K;
    48. General Services Administration's Gateway for Federal Government's Year 2000 Information;
    49. Library of Congress;
    50. Congressional Research Service;
    51. LOCIS: Library of Congress Online Public Access Catalog; telnet:// (telnet address)
    52. THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet;
    53. 103rd Congress- Bills;
    54. 104th Congress- Bills;
    55. 105th Congress- Bills;
    56. 106th Congress- Bill Summary and Status;
    57. Army COTS Software Compliance;
    58. Coast Guard's Navigation Center GPS Page;
    59. National Aeronautics & Space Administration COTS Year 2000 Software Compliance GSA Data;
    60. National Credit Union Administration's Y2K Page;
    61. National Institute of Standards and Technology;
    62. National Institute of Standards and Technology Year 2000 - The Millennium Rollover;
    63. National Science Foundation Y2K Information for Grantees;
    64. The White House Electronic Publications;
    65. The Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act;
    66. Small Business Administration;
    67. Securities & Exchange Commision;
    68. Links to federal Y2K sites;
    69. U.S.Senate Special Committee on Year 2000 Technology Problems;
    70. Social Security Administration Countdown 2000;
    71. Air Force Standard Systems Group at Maxwell AFB;
    72. Global Positioning System Receiver Manufacturers Compliance Information;
    73. Global Positioning System Receiver Manufacturers Y2K Information;
    74. Department of Transportation Y2K Activitiew,
    75. Bureau of Reclamation Y2K Activites,
    76. Department of Agriculture;
    77. Department of Veteran Affairs;
    78. Vendor 2000; The world's largest database of compliance information detailing thousands of hardware and software components and their progress toward compliance.
    79. The White House Millennium Program;
    80. The White House Briefing Room;
    81. White House Virtual Library;
    82. Federal Y2K Site,
    83. President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion;
    84. Federal Year 2000 Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Product Database;
    85. Health and Human Services ACF Y2K Resources Homepage; href="
    86. General Services Administration Y2K Telecommunications Compliance Database;
    87. General Services Administration's Year 2000 Building Systems Database;
    88. University of California Davis Vendor Compliance Database;

    ("COTS" = Commercial Off-the-Shelf)

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