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Re: intro. to online drought, fire, and flood dialouge

Connie Woodhouse (
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 07:46:50 -0600

Hello to BASIN fire/flood/drought discussion participants.

My name is Connie Woodhouse. I am a physical scientist with the NOAA
Paleoclimatology Program at the National Geophysical Data Center here in
Boulder. I'm also a research scientist at CU's Institute of Arctic and
Alpine Research. I study past climate and climate-related variability
using tree rings. I think it is important to study past climate,
especially of the most recent centuries because our instrumental records
of climate are mostly less than 100 years long - too short for
evaluating the unusualness of events like the 1950s drought and for
detecting decadal and longer variations in climate.

Mark McCaffrey asked me to contribute some of the work I've been doing
to reconstruct flow on Middle Boulder Creek to this web site, and it has
been posted in the drought section. The reconstructed record suggests
that the 20th century has not been especially representative of the past
several centuries.

best regards,


Connie Woodhouse
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
National Geophysical Data Center
325 Broadway  E/GC
Boulder, CO  80303
ph: (303)497-6297
fax: (303)497-6513
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