Drought - Fire - Flood Email Forum

intro. to online drought, fire, and flood dialouge
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 18:48:39 EDT

Hello to all who have subscribed to this dialouge. My name is Michael Caplan
and I will be one of the facilitators for this week long dialouge. Mark
McCaffrey who will introduce himself shortly is my co-facilitator. Our role
will be to keep the conversations moving along, summarize where we think it
will be helpful, either answer any process questions or get the answers for
you and to insure that we all have a fruitful, positive and informative time.

Today what we would like is for subscribers to introduce themselves to each
other saying a bit about what you do and what brings you to this particular
online dialouge.
On Tuesday we will start to have discussions regarding drought. We look
forward to this week being a fruitful and informative dialogue with the hope
that each of us will come away with some new tools that will assist us in
dealing with our issues and concerns.

See for more information on this list.