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Subscriber intro to online drought, fire, and flood dialogue

Robert Cohen (
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 17:55:47 -0600

This is to introduce myself and state what brings me to this online
drought, fire, and flood dialogue.

After several careers, including studying the ionosphere, then working
on solar energy (ocean thermal energy conversion) and on energy
technology policy, during the past five years I've become a "democracy
activist". In particular, I'm concerned about how corporate
globalization is impacting global resources; namely, in the near term,
the environment, ecosystems, fresh water, topsoil, and energy.

The global trade regime poses many problems -- especially its neutrality
toward human values -- but its most tragic and irreversible problem is
its indifference to planetary sustainability, in the absence of
constraints on the overconsumption of finite global resources. More
details re my concerns about global resources are contained in two op-ed
pieces posted on my Web site, <>

Robert Cohen
Boulder, Colorado
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