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Re: intro. to online drought, fire, and flood dialouge

MM ()
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 18:28:16 -0600


My name is Mark McCaffrey and I'm currently the communications coordinator for
the BASIN project. I'm also acting President of the Boulder Creek Watershed
Initiative and a Boulder native, living a few blocks from the hospital I was born
in and the house I grew up in. Since playing in the ditches and creeks as a kid,
I've been interested in water-issues around the Boulder area and I'm excited
about this discussion about droughts, fires and floods.

This seminar is an experiment and we invite you to jump right in and share your
ideas and insights into these challenging topics. Also, please take a look at
our guidelines when you have a chance which offer some general guidance on how we
plan to run this online seminar:

We begin our discussion with the topic of drought, so please take a look at the
materials we've pulled together as background information, especially Connie
Woodhouse's study of tree rings in the region that has allowed her to reconstruct
several hundred years of climate along Middle Boulder Creek: In particular, check out
figure 4 which indicates the dramatic fluxuations in precipitation just in the
past several centuries. This is the sort of information that is important for us
to consider as we explore issues of sustainability and water supply for the


See for more information on this list.