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wrap up & evaluation
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 18:13:40 EST

To all who have participated and contributed to the dialouge Mark and I wish
to thank you for your interesting comments, questions and suggestions. This
was our first attempt at using the BASIN site as means of having public
dialogue on an issue that is of interest and concern to our communtiy. We
will be evaluating this pilot in order to learn how we might make this work
even better in the near term future. As such we would appreciate hearing
from each of you regarding the following:

What did you like best about this online dialogue and why?

What worked for you?

What didn't work?

What would you differently the next time? Add/Subtract?

Several suggestion that have already been offered for us to consider include:

Create a set of definition for laymen so we all are talking aobut the
same thing.

Spend more time on discussing and educating on risk analysis

Keep this topic list alive for those who wish to continue and for when
events arise that will make it of current interest.

In closing once again thanks to all for a very imformative dialogue.

Michael Caplan
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