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Len Wright (
Fri, 3 Nov 2000 22:23:23 -0700

The Hazards Center at CU publishes an email newsletter, the contents of
which are copied below. If there is interest I can forward the whole thing
on, or if it is not the right thing for the list anyone interested can just
email a request to me and I will forward it. - Len Wright

The Latest Issue of Disaster Research - November 3, 2000


1) NFIP Seeks Comments on Desktop Flood Rating System
2) Seeking Information on SEMS Relationship to FRP
3) Some Questions on Disaster Recovery Among Institutions
of Higher Education
4) Some Questions on Hazard Mitigation in Southeast Asia
and the Pacific
5) New Web Resources from the Hazards Center
6) New Web Resources from the Rest of the World
7) An Invitation from FEMA for Nominations of Exemplary Practices
8) An Invitation to Join a New Discussion List
on Emergency Public Information
9) IBHS Unveils New Home Building Program to Promote
Safe Living and Disaster Survival
10) IIASA Offers Postdoctoral Opportunities
11) ASFPM/FEMA Offer Graduate Fellowship
12) ASFPM Offers Presentation on Floodplain Management
13) A Recently Awarded Grant (Downunder)
14) The EIIP Virtual Forum Schedule for November
15) Conferences and Training

See for more information on this list.