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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Niwot Ridge Snowpack report tracks severe decline in local snowpack though March (4/02/04)
Picnic Rock fire grows to 3500 acres as evacuations are ordered for 150 homes (4/02/04)
Conservation and anticipation improve Boulder County's water supply prognosis despite dry spring (4/02/04)
Ditch rider warned to stop dumping diesel fuel into irrigation ditch to remove beavers (4/02/04)
Wildfire season starts early with 1000 acre Picnic Rock fire in Poudre Canyon (4/01/04)
Dry and warm weather results in increasingly serious drought forecast throughout Colorado (4/01/04)
GOP kills bill to require release of Xcel investigation of Overland Fire (3/31/04)
Driest March since 1911 offers little help for Front Range water supplies (3/30/04)
Denver Water considering permanent summer watering restrictions (3/26/04)
Boulder City Council to consider water rate adjustments (3/24/04)
Continuing warm dry weather increses summer drought concerns (3/24/04)
Precipitation outlook poor as firefighters gear up for the fire season (3/22/04)
Lakewood pipeline passes pressure tests for hydroelectric generation (3/19/04)
Continuing dry conditions highlights wildfire risks (3/18/04)
City of Boulder to announce Lakewood pipeline status at Thursday meeting (3/17/04)
Louisville considers drought management plan as summer water supply concerns rise (3/16/04)
Erie plans to double water treatment capacity in anticipation of growth (3/10/04)
Parker receives approval for new 16,000 acre foot reservoir subject to voter approved financing (3/12/04)
State Water Quality Control Commission impaired stream list now includes Boulder Creek segment (3/11/04)
Despite spring storm Denver Water anticipates water restrictions this summer (3/05/04)
Lafayette and Erie adopt landscape guidelines in the face of below average snowpack
The February Niwot Ridge Snow Pack report indicates local snow pack is still below average but trending upward. (3/02/04)
Proposed rural compensation bill dies after resistance from Front Range Water districts. (2/28/04)
The City of Boulder considers changes to water utility rates (2/25/04)
The Statewide Water Supply Initiative is holding a public meeting Wednesday to review water supply options for the South Platte basin (2/23/04)
Denver Water Board lobbies against legislation requiring compensation for water diversions (2/18/04)
Colorado's Senator Allard warns of the implications of a pending Supreme Court case on water rights (2/14/04)
Colorado Attorney General urges agricultural communities to defend themselves against Front Range water grabs (2/11/04)
Little Thompson River site remains on the reservoir short list for the NCWCD Windy Gap Firming Project (2/04/04)
Louisville begins constuction on a wastewater reclamation project (2/04/04)
Metro area communities address contaminated storm water runoff issues to meet new federal regulations (2/02/04)
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