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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

SWSI Study may seek new funding as more controversial issues, including transbasin diversions, are examined (11/18/04)
State Water Supply Initiative Study urges state wide cooperative planning (11/17/04)
Jefferson County adopts stormwater fee to finance new federal requirements (11/17/04)
WASH Education program receives 2004 CAEE Best New Program award (11/17/04)
Climate researcher warns western drought may persist for several years. (11/09/04)
Metro area experiencing a surge of residential sewer repair scams (11/08/04)
CU research reveals complex snowmelt aquifer interaction (11/08/04)
Eldorado Springs set to approve new centralized waste water treatment plant (11/04/04)
South Boulder Creek flood study presented at a public meeting (10/28/04)
Thinning lake ice and shrinking glaciers along the Front Range contribute to questions about climate change. (10/26/04)
State Water Supply Initiative releases draft of 2004 report and plans to expand. (10/25/04)
Environmental Advisory Board member urges review of water flouridation (10/25/04)
An update on the South Boulder Creek flood mapping study will be presented at 6:45 on Oct 27th at the East Boulder Community Center (10/22/04)
National Audubon study finds several Colorado bird species endangered by habitat loss (10/22/04)
WWF reports human consumption now exceeds sustainable levels by 20% (10/22/04)
CSU Researchers find livestock antibiotics in the Poudre River (10/20/04)
State Water Quality Control Division budget shortfalls set to deepen. (10/15/04)
Court rules County authority over CU south campus land use invalid until reviewed by unfunded State Land Use Commission (10/12/04)
New tree ring study indicates past western droughts significantly more severe (10/08/04)
Wastewater effluent edocrine disrupters examined in fish sex abnormalities (10/03/04)
EPA confirms front range air pollution damaging Rocky Mountain National Park (9/30/04)
Summer spikes of E. Coli bacteria in Boulder and Coal Creek result in impaired status (9/29/04)
Wildfires burning outside Eldorado Springs and in Lefthand Canyon (9/17/04)
New Pine Brook Hills reservoir receives preliminary approval (9/10/04)
Credibility of impending Water Supply Initiatative report questioned (9/09/04)
EPA warns state water quality regulatory staffing increasingly inadequate (9/07/04)
Front Range nitrogen air pollution bringing significant changes to Boulder Creek watershed (9/06/04)
State study finds almost enough water for 25 years of growth, if farmland is idled (9/02/04)
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