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News about Boulder Creek Watershed Issues

Community and agencies negotiate to remediate toxic mine hazard on Left Hand Creek (12/31/06)
Dual snowstorms save Front Range from near record dry year, but are inconclusive regarding next years water supply (12/29/06)
Snow again shuts down much of Denver Metro area and eastern Colorado (12/29/06)
Boulder County Health officials call for voluntary efforts at Lyon's Cemex operations (12/29/06)
After oil industry friendly tenure as Interior Secretary, Gale Norton hired by Shell Oil (12/28/06)
Inevitable compaction of powder snow to dense ice complicates street cleanup (12/27/06)
Grand Mesa drillers tout use of less toxic fracing fluids in city watersheds (12/27/06)
Lyon's Cemex to pay fine and suspend tire burning over repeated violations (12/27/06)
New census report puts Colorado back in top 10 for 2006 population growth (12/22/06)
Blizzard provides welcome boost to Front Range snowpack (12/22/06)
Blizzard shuts down DIA, I25, I70 east and vitually entire Front Range (12/21/06)
New EPA Toxic Release Inventory rules may eliminate quantity data on 1/3 of current participants (12/20/06)
Aurora seeks Weld County approvals for plan to recapture water from the South Platte (12/20/06)
NCWCD study concludes tapping the Yampa river for Front Range growth viable (12/19/06)
DOW proposes hunting on Boulder open space to reduce mountain lion risks (12/19/06)
Recent changes at Lyon's Cemex cement plant fail to impress neighbors (12/19/06)
Air Quality Control Commission proposes new rules for oil and gas operations (12/18/06)
Groups form to oppose proposed NCWCD Glade Park Dam to tap the Poudre River (12/15/06)
Appeals Court upholds some county regulation of oil and gas drilling activity (12/15/06)
Air Quality Control Commission tables plan to cut back emissions testing (12/15/06)
Oil pipeline ruptures in Frederick neighborhood (12/15/06)
USGS implements new review process for scientists' publications and presentations (12/14/06)
Questions arise about mobile auto emission screening test intended to replace traditional tailpipe testing (12/13/06)
Forest service plans to drop NEPA analysis of long range National Forest management plans (12/13/06)
Liner technology helps extend life of Longmont sewer system (12/12/06)
New monitoring equipment suggests power plant mercury emissions may be significantly underreported (12/11/06)
High Mercury levels found in high altitude RMNP lake (12/11/06)
Researcheres examines oil and gas drilling chemicals for human health impacts (12/11/06)
CU Research into endocrine disruptors in wastewater effluent prepares to travel around the state while USGS study looks at the impacts of similar contaminants in sewage sludge (12/10/06)
Wild fire danger created by widesread pine beetle damage raises alarm (12/09/06)
Platte river management plan enacted with Interior Secretary's signature (12/08/06)
Return of El Niño conditions prompts NOAA to predict dry winter (12/06/06)
The first INSTARR Snowpack report from Niwot Ridge for the 2006-2007 season is now available (12/05/06)
New city of Boulder utility billing system to assign individualized water budgets approved (12/04/06)
RMNP Wilderness designation unlikily in lame duck congressional session (12/02/06)
Mead discontinues discussions with St. Vrain Sanitation District to persue new waste water plant alone (12/01/06)
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